Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Observer Interview with Msoe

When he invited you over to the hotel, did you think it was the beginning of a relationship or just fun?
A little bit of both. I wanted to know the guy better and explore the possibility of a relationship. I knew we didn’t have much time since he was here in Durban for a short period of time. So I went with both thoughts in my mind.

So let me see if I got this correct. You traveled to Bloem at your own expense and then proceeded to pay for expensive restaurants whilst in his home town and he only paid for low cost eat outs such as McDonald's, Spur etc?

What advice can you give on bad relationships?
Know when to get out. A bad relationship is a bad relationship no matter what you can do. A bad relationship is like beautiful but broken china. Even if you mend it so that the next person can’t see that it was once broken, you know that the cracks are there.

If ever there was a lesson with the love series. It would be "relax and focus on YOU and the love you need and want will find you". Only if that was easy... since most people are too busy finding Mr. Right. Here is a hint... he does not exist. Instead find what is right for YOU! Not someone to make it right! CLICK HERE to read more of the interview.

The TV Observer

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