Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Observer "The Meiki Revolution"

When a child is twisted in her adulthood stages and continues to make decisions which only give her pleasure when she inflects pain and mayhem to others. You know that there is some serious issues going on and Veskopies must be on speed dial.
Is jy klaar?” vra ek. Ek sal jou moer!'
Ek sluit jou so ver weg waar nie eers die vliege op joou sal k......k!

But instead of this being a social responsibility observation, its more of a scandalous observation on Muvhango which involves culture, tradition, decency and a degree of offensive levels only understood by certain people and detested by a few more than the show realizes. However, I think it is necessary that the show raise this issue. Some guys are reported to be raping thier grannies whilst others physical and verbally abuse thier parents. To read more CLICK HERE

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