Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Observer "Robbed By A Man of God"

What is happening with the laws which govern ordination and training of such individuals as it seems the world is being bombarded by thieves, retired sales reps, pedophiles, murderers, failed businessmen and rapists disguised as Men of God. As they realize that the church is the new corporation.

I was invited to this church and all of a sudden the Pastor called for time for giving and ushers went round with these silver tins which are larger than office bins and everyone began to give. The Pastor went as far as to state that no coins are allowed just paper money, R10 being the minimum. Everyone around me gave R100 notes, so I joined the club. After all its just R100. After two hours the same thing happened again.

When tin came to me for the second time.., I told the usher I have given as much as I can and I am guest. I could not understand why I should give twice. He said you should give more for your salvation. I walked out! I have a limit and religious mind games is my ultimate and I have no tolerance for it. Period! I was not prepared to get into a religious argument with an usher in a church. All I could think of was Matthew 21:12 and how we can't be selling salvation or anything relating to faith and God like the doves in the verse.

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