Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oprah's Best Life: Sex 101

First of all, much respect to the guys who appeared on the show with their wives and revealed to millions of Americans and the whole world that their wives have not achieved any orgasm. Can you imagine...there you are humping your wife all the time with no clue that she actually does even get there… you know... pleasureville, despite the sounds she makes.

The husband goes on to explain that he assumed, based on sounds the wife made, that the she was reaching the “Honey & Milk” state // Promised Land. This was very interesting to me because experience teaches that a woman can fake all she wants but they can’t fake the real thing. What happens when it hits, is something you will never forget and with each woman there is always that special version which makes it all the more fascinating.

The following clip contains a discussion about a Big Purple and Black sure thing that solicited an act by SABC which left us on the floor with sheer uncontrollable laughter as we tried to cope with the final episode. As Oprah holds this “sure thing”, SABC3 decides to post a warning which asks viewers to use electricity wisely whilst this “thing” is…..humming. Hilarious to no end. Enjoy….

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Me-Me King said...

Why couldn't these women talk with their husbands? This baffles me. Oh, well, nothing like bringing to the attention of the viewing public that you've been faking it.