Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TheTVObserver: Barack Obama Inauguration

Crowds streamed into the nation's capital today, and reports say they are jamming subway cars and packing the National Mall from the Capitol to the Washington Monument hours before President-elect Barack Obama is to be sworn in. By 7 a.m., some 207,000 people had entered Washington's Metro transit system, transit officials said. Huge lines formed outside subway stations; many parking lots filled up and had to be closed.

I believe that the world and Americans are enjoying a moment best explained as "HOPE" personified. People like to say "you are the man for the job" and I think America found the right man for the job. Not only to transform America but most importantly transform the perception the world has on America. It's not going to be easy for Barack Obama but which President have you heard giving passionate speeches about unity and use of words like gay, straight, black, white etc together. It should be very interesting to see this historic period of our lives unfold!

"The day I saw a black man become an American President" these are the words I will use when I tell the tale to my children and grand kids. This is BIG....HUGE!

In 1981, President Ronald Reagan's inauguration drew about 500,000 people, and President Bill Clinton's 1993 inauguration drew about 800,000 people, according to park service estimates. A sizable chunk of downtown Washington will be shut down, and other sections will not permit parking. The two subway stations near the National Mall will be closed for much of the day. Crowds of 1million or are making their way to the historic event.

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