Thursday, January 15, 2009

TheTVObserver: Memorable Moments

Television is an exciting medium and most of the time it’s very structured and in some rear viewings, you are left with scenes which remain forever carved in your heart, soul and mind. As an observer, I suffer from a unique condition which refuses to let me forget anything. It does not matter when or how it happened, I will remember with painful detail. I was once asked to seriously consider joining the F.B.I, this was after my memory and other abilities which I prefer not to go into. Anyway…off topic. We watch as they delight in carefully crafted scenes featuring some of the most moving and perhaps funny moments which we will never forget, whilst others are so funny you smile all week.

With that said, I introduce you to “TheTVObserver’s Memorable Moments”, of course all those moments are television related and you will not only get my opinions on such scenes but you will actually watch them on video, courtesy of my youtube channel. I call them memorable because they have been setting up camp in my mind and I thought I will share them with you. Maybe you will also share yours.

Click here to read the entire article and watch all the memorable moments on video.

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