Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TheTVObserver: Office Romance

I was watching Big Shots on SABC3 (I was bored and I still miss the SABC3 Monday Line Up) and I saw a scene involving perhaps one of the most talked about subjects in the corporate world. I think the show is a big disappointment but that is not the focus on my blog.

"The problem with Big Shots is that the men don't sound like anyone at all, male or female." USA Today

If you fall in love with a colleague, does it erase all your hard work and professional standing? Does it transform your work history into sheer sexual success instead of actual success?

What was clear was the fact that James Walker and Katie Grahm were perfect for each other and they were very much in love. I also thought that the producers made it difficult for them to be a real couple because it was an interracial relationship. Whatever the reasons, it seemed clear that they were not portraying lust but love

Does the caliber of the man or woman you date at work define you?

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