Thursday, January 15, 2009

TheTVObserver: Supernatural Special Effects

I am addicted to special effects, it makes watching shows like Supernatural all the more exciting because if you’ve had an unbelievable experience in your life, then you can relate. The team at Supernatural is really good at how they use special effects to drive the point home and I have enjoyed every effect they used since the very first episode. I should admit that the day the Winchesters got hit by that truck was a crazy moment, although that was not a special effects scene but more of a stunt, it was crazy and disturbing. If you ever wondered how they do those amazing effects, this video will help.

What I like most about supernatural themed shows is that no one actually dies. It's a producers dream job, since if you kill off a star. You can always bring them back with another storyline involving demons and people with special powers not to mention favors. You can't say the same with Brothers & Sisters, House, Prison Break, etc.

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