Monday, January 12, 2009

TheTVObserver: Witchcraft

This lady, from our open discussion on the issue, explains what seems to be a very interesting story and regular event amongst most black South Africans. She describes the fact that she had spent her holidays at her husband’s family in some rural area in Limpopo, where her mother-in-law is, as she puts it, more like a chairlady of the witches in the area and everybody knows it and no one can do nothing about it. As a result, she suffers great distress whenever she has to visit her husband’s home since this mother-in-law stays alone and it holds a lot of internal agony to be around her.

The question I then had was, “if you are born with magical abilities to harm others” surely there must be lots more people born with “magical abilities to save”. The emphasis here is “born with”, which means that this individuals have a Harry Potter moment in their lives. On the aspect of witch doctors knowing the ways to counteract the powers….where is G-d and Faith in all this. To read the entire article please CLICK HERE

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