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TheTVObserver: Eva Longoria

This is one of the TV stars we consider SUPER HOT, she is incredibly talented and her beauty is unbelievable. She is truly a good inspiration for creative daydreams. TheTVObserver’s StarSpread presents Eva Longoria. When I look at her, I understand why man turn into “Yes Dear” type husbands. Anything to keep her married and happy!

Early in her life, "the ugly duckling" Eva Jacqueline Longoria probably had never imagined that she would transform into a beautiful swan, becoming one of the hottest promising actresses in the United States. Being the youngest in Longoria family, she is different from her three other sisters for her dark complexion as well as her darker eyes and hair. Nevertheless, she passed her childhood happily, grew up on her parents' ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas, which also was her place of birth. Born on March 15, 1975 she made her way to successfully earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University in Kingsville.

Birth Name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria
Birth Date: March 15, 1975
Birth Place: Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
Spouse: Tyler Christopher (actor, 20-Jan-02 - 19-Jan-04), Tony Parker (NBA basketball star, since 6-Jul-07)
Claim to fame: As psychotic Isabella Brana Williams on "The Young and the Restless" (2001-2003)

Her life slightly changed when she became Miss Corpus Christi USA in 1998, which endorsed her determination to pursue a career in acting. When Eva came to L.A., she was noticed and signed by a theatrical agent who got her an audition in a comedic play titled "What the Rabbi Saw" in which she was accepted. Afterwards, she played small roles in some television series, namely "The Bold and the Beautiful"; "General Hospital"; and "Beverly Hills 90210.

This beautiful actress made a great leap in her career by joining the cast of "The Young and the Restless" in 2001. Her acting as Isabella Brana Williams in the film led her to win an ALMA award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama.

She left "The Young and the Restless" in 2003 and appeared in the films "Snitch'd" (2003), "Dragnet" (2003), and TV series "Senorita Justice" (2004). In addition to those, Eva also co-starred and co-produced "Hot Tamales Live: Spicy, Hot, and Hilarious," a comedy/variety show which has become a hit and been critically acclaimed. However, it was ABC's TV series "Desperate Housewives" that brought her to reach a tremendous success when it was launched in October 2004. Starred as adulteress Gabrielle Solis in the mega hit, watched by over 27 million viewers each week, directly made her name being well known nationwide.

Aside from "Desperate Housewives," Eva kept developing her acting career. She took role in a small screen, "The Dead Will Tell" (2004) together with Anne Heche, then starred in the action-thriller movie "Carlita's Secret" (2004). Her next projects were the movies "Harsh Times," being in the same scene with Christian Bale, and "The Sentinel," along with Michael Douglas, Kim Basinger, and Kiefer Sutherland. Both films hit the theaters in 2006.

Eva first married to "General Hospital" actor Tyler Christopher on January 20, 2002 but then decided to go separate ways and had their divorce papers finalized on January 19, 2004. Ever since, she dated JC Chasez before at last embarked on a romance with San Antonio Spurs basketball player, Tony Parker who happens to be 7 years her junior.

Eva underwent such a smooth acting career, landed her feet in more film projects, among them were action, animation, comedy flick "Foodfight!" (2007) and the comedy romance "Deep in the Heart of Texas" (2008). In addition to those, she also has been booked to star in "Over Her Dead Body" (2008), a comedy flick which will see her playing alongside Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Jason Biggs, Stephen Root, and Lindsay Sloane just to name a few.

Bumped on the head by something while shooting "Desperate Housewives" on location and was taken to a hospital where she was treated and released (August 2005).

Slipping on one of the stairs coming out of her trailer and bruised her ribs on the set of "Desperate Housewives" (Oct, 2006).

Having her cover image on Maxim's January 2005 edition created into a 75-by-110-foot vinyl mesh replica in the desert outside Las Vegas in honor of the magazine's 100th issue.

Having her trailer provided with full bath, kitchen, bedroom and lavish furniture.

Pulled counter and drive-thru duty at a Wendy's in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas on May 27, 2008 to help kick off the fast-food chain's Father's Day Frosty Weekend, celebrated from June 14 to 15.

Voted 5th in a poll of TV's Sexiest Women Ever compiled by Internet service provider AOL in December 2007, thanks to her role as Gabrielle Solis in TV series "Desperate Housewives".

Chosen to have the No. 1 Hollywood's Sexiest Legs according to a poll conducted by Life & Style Magazine in March 2007.

Personally and professionally changed her name to Eva Longoria Parker by October 2007.

Admits wearing G-string every day and actually doesn't even have a full-bottom pair of underwear.

The right way to pronounce her name is Lon-GORE-ia, not Lon-go-RIA.

Likes salsa dancing, crocheting and home decorating. She enjoys rock climbing, motocross, kick boxing and yoga.

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