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TheTVObserver: Joy Christian Television Launch

The world has a lot of evangelical and Christian television stations but that has not stopped Rone De Beauvior, Celebrity Chef and Author from putting together her very own 24hr Christian television channel. This is an international channel which goes on air 29th of March 2009 in the United States, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Servicing as the founder and CEO is De Beauvior, whose channel is called “Joy Christian Television Network”. It will be a 24 hour free-to-air TV Channel covering the world with the message of joy to its viewers. Joy Christian Television Network encompasses two overseas satellites, FM Radio Satellite, Israel Tour Company, and original programs.

This should not be confused with JOY TV International, a non-profit Christian organization utilizing the powerful medium of television to take the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. I have to admit that this use of the name by the new channel is very confusing since there are a couple of Christian services using the same name.

Joy Christian Television Network format is designed to reach audiences on TV, radio, the Internet, mobile phones, and hand held computers, with new programming that will cover 8 main themes, capturing the interest of a diverse audience with new patterns of visual elegance.

Rone de Beauvoir, founder/CEO of Joy Christian Television Network, hails the arrival of the new channel. She said: "The launch of Joy Christian Television is an event of major importance for Joy and for me as its founder. I have lived in 22 countries around the world, lived homeless on the streets for over 1 year and 4 months wearing the same clothes each day, and through it all the Holy Living God sustained me, provided for me, and brought me out to a life I could not have imagined. Because of this and so many other life circumstances that I've overcome, I wanted to launch a channel that would first bless the Lord and secondly bless others.

It is simply a way to say thank you to the Lord. In addition, we want to set new unique standards in Christian Television broadcasting, through the Joy channel with specific techniques and visual transitions while saving souls for Christ. Everything we will do for our viewers will be tied into the name of the channel while transmitting the message of Joy. We will broadcast via satellite on Galaxy 25 in North America and Eurobird 9 in Europe, Africa and Middle East. The channel will air 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to any home with a satellite dish or cable connection.

This may imply that some people with decoders will not have to subscribe to any service in order to access the channel. Although attractive, this option leaves consumers with a lot of technical issues which may prevent market penetration. Should platforms such as WOWTV, ONDIGITALMEDIA or Dstv Easy View or Compact decide to carry Joy Christian Television Network in countries such as South Affrica, it will give it credibility. However in the US, Canada and Europe, the channel may find it easy to succeed on platforms such as DirectTV, Comcast, DishNetwork, Sky, etc, but its content nature will have to be tried and tested first before one can consider it a hit. Also mention has not been made by Joy Christian Television Network in terms which platforms they will be available on. Their supposition that “every home with a Dish” will have access to their channel may imply that they will launch the same way FTV launched in markets such as the U.S.

The Christian television audience is loyal to TBN across the globe, amongst some of the leading Christian channels. The new channel will have to face tough competition in this genre.

“This is a really exciting diversification and we are thrilled to be unveiling the new channel in countries around the world. The launch of this new international channel represents a significant new opportunity for us to utilize our creative talent and knowledge to save souls for Jesus Christ, and we look forward with pleasure and joy!" saiud Rone de Beauvoir.

The official broadcast launch of Joy Christian Television will be on March 29, 2009 in countries all over the world, in English, French and Hebrew. The new lifestyle channel has programming plans to include 30 second and 60 second commercials, and some surprising program features never seen before on a Christian Television Channel.

For more information about Joy Christian Television Network please visit: www.joychristiantelevision.com

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