Monday, March 30, 2009

TheTVObserver: Oh Dear! Am I Driving?

Am I Driving? Oh Dear! Am sure those are not the words a passenger would like to hear. Reminds me of Oprah saying she does not merging, night driving and the list goes on.

Muriel and Mavis are driving along when Mavis reminds Muriel that she is driving. Muriel seems quite perturbed that she is in fact the one doing the driving …

This MiWay AD is my personal favorite whilst their infomercials are a sure case for a TIVO skipping invitation. Between their Infomercials and their Ads, you may just think its two different companies.

Casting the two old ladies was perfect for the ad. On the other hand the younger version of the AD featuring those two boys in a VW, is not as entertaining as The Chronicles of Muriel and Mavis.

Mavis: Muriel…..,
Muriel: Yes Mavis!
Mavis: Do you know you just passed a red light? …….You haven’t even slowed down.
Muriel: Am I Driving?
Mavis: Yes, You Are!
Muriel: Oh! Dear

What kills me is that Muriel has a seat belt on, so even if she does smash into you on the road, she is safe. What sends me off the edge, much like the warning sign on the AD, are the glasses Muriel has on.

Those glasses reminds me of the time Gale drove on a busy NYC bridge at night and she did not have her contacts on, during the road trip series on Oprah. That was funny and scary all rolled into one. Muriel and Mavis are like the old version of Oprah and Gale, only white.

If you have not seen the AD, here is a video:

How can I forget to mention the car which, by itself, is an invitation for a motor vehicle accident? I am sure your car may suffer more damage than Muriel’s in an ancient.

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