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TheTVObserver: OhMiBod

When I wrote the sexual satisfaction blog inspired by Motswako, I never thought that my readers would be lucky enough to have the worlds most sophisticated product manufacture in its category, agree to giveaway something very special to enjoy in the privacy of their homes. This product has appeared on Glamour, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, Allure, Women's Health, The Voice, Maxim, Wired, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Daily Candy, iVillage, and much more.

I got to know this product after reading one of WSG entries and noticed that she keeps referring to it alot. She kept telling me more about this product, so I put my team to it and got in contact with the CEO. I have never used a sex toy ever in my life. But this product was so well manufactured and had such rave reviews, it immediately appealed to my inquisitiveness. I have to admit the music element just made me want to know more.

After discussions with Brian Vatter, CEO and Co - Founder of OhMiBod, it was agreed that both my U.S readers will stand a chance to win this great giveaway.

OhMiBod is a sleek, sophisticated new generation of vibrator that combines elegance of design with the excitement of your favorite music. The audio enabled integrated microchip allows the OhMiBod ipod massager to vibrate to the beat and rhythm of your music while you listen.

But before we could even think of giving anything away… we had to test it out first. After all, we cannot recommend nor giveaway something to our readers which we have not tried.

Our Findings - The Test Drive
Brian sent through a complimentary package with some goodies and the OhMiBod for us to test drive. I decided to make a night out of it, hoping desperately not to be disappointed. After my research on the product, I was hopeful and as a back-up plan, I relied on my moves to rescue the night. First, I made sure that I got the best room in the hotel; next I ordered flowers from a guy who is a master at flower arrangements. To top it all off, I made a special order from my jeweler (not a ring).

Cutting the long story short, I had opened the package and I prepared the OhMiBod vibrator and packaged it into a nice gift wrap. The iPod was fully charged and I brought my laptop for some extra fun. I had selected a collection of tracks based on what I know she likes and I had a list of extreme tracks just to be daring and experimental

This product is amazing...absolutely AMAZING!

The OhMiBod Night
  • Word of advice...never try Beyonce's Deja Vu, not unless you want your lady to pass out!
  • Going from speed #1 to #3 (manual) or increasing the volume beyond 70% on the iPod, was like a roller-coaster ride. You just observe as she screams and moans in pure ecstasy, whilst enjoying the ride of her life.
  • What I enjoyed the most was that the OhMiBod is perfect for INTIMATE LOVEMAKING. It enables the male to enjoy giving his girlfriend or wife the pleasure of oral sex, with the extra benefit of good vibrations.
  • As she kept going "Oh My God" countless times, I could not help but smile knowing full well what was up next.
  • Using the iPod is perfect. It allows your partner to control (that is if she can deal with it) the intensity of the device’s response to music. The added benefit of giving her the attention she deserved on her love area made the whole experience even more wonderful.
  • After our fourth try in between going natural (sex without the device), there where so many orgasms we could have entered the Guinness World Records. It was a true OhMiBod Night of note. We did get complains from the hotel, asking us to keep it down. I guess our neighbors did not appreciate our expressive shouts of love.
  • Using it alone makes for a wonderful experience as well, since you can program music for her to enjoy while you are away. Phone sex takes on whole new meaning with this gadget.
  • I am always attracted to quality and this product gets a 10-star, because it works even better with your partner as opposed to other vibrators. The incorporation of music into the vibes makes it all the more fantastic and personal.
  • I think any person who ventures into speed #6 & #7 (manual drive) can enjoy true good vibes. It gets very crazy at those speeds and the connection between the two of you, makes for an amazing experience.
  • When you throw it away and go all natural…you will be amazed at what you have unleashed from your wife or girlfriend. It’s as if they have an emotional objective to ride you like a Christmas pony. She had already achieved a couple orgasms, so when we went natural the connection was even more intense and we kept reaching our orgasmic points simultaneously.

Being Naughty
  • If you love any of the WWE wrestlers, you just download their theme song (same as you would with your favorite show’s theme song) and go crazy. Word of advice, stay away from WWE Edge’s “You Think You Know Me”, theme song. Not unless you want your loved one to faint into a cosmic universe of pleasure with no possible return anytime soon. That song makes this product go on-and-on in waves of extreme intensity, much like Edge, I would guess.
  • The really fun part is when you connect the OhMiBod to your TV set and it responds to your favorite show. Man this gadget is fun beyond measure.
  • If you have a thing for voices, then you will be in heaven because you can record whomever you like and use their voice to get you off.

  • Then it was Robin Thicke – “Lost Without You”, Destiny's Child – “Bootylicious” which was also very cool. Busta Rhymes – “Touch It” (mega remix) is another track you need to be careful with, because she starts to scream as if someone is killing her and you wonder for a second if it’s the gadget or Busta Rhymes….lol. But to be sure …just go to town on her clit.
  • Some advice, if you want her to really sing, you should push the volume beyond 70% on your iPod. Just make sure she is not holding any part of your body, especially the family jewels, because those nails can harm you badly.
  • Some of the tracks tested include Rufus Wainwright – “Vibrate”; Dance 2005 - Disco kings – “Born to be alive” Benny Benassi remix; Basement Jaxx – “Oh my gosh” and Faithless - “Why go ft Estelle”
  • I have never had problems going on for hours but with this product, you just want to keep going from the sheer excitement it brings to your lovemaking. Besides, as a guy you just don’t want to be outdone by a machine. Even if it does put up a good fight! When we left the hotel…lets just say we had some interesting looks when we checked out. I guess we were louder than I thought.

What Customers Have To Say
“I recently had a run-in with the OhMiBod... and I'm ashamed to say (blush)...that I liked it..........A LOT! (blush). I can't help when I listen to my iPod nowadays to think, "how will the OhMiBod interpret that? And will I like that? Is this song suitable for the pairing?" And then I will turn red and those around me will look at me strangely....then I will turn more red. But the point is, the OhMiBod will revolutionize the way you look at your music. NO, SERIOUSLY”
Myko L; Los Angeles, CA

..when I ordered your product I was worried it would be gimmicky... was I ever wrong. This is a "real" toy and let me tell you, it did indeed rock my world. Thanks for putting two of my favorite things together with such style and functionality.
Rebecca R. - NYC

I never write these things but having just used "OhMiBod" for the first time I had to let you guys know it is simply brilliant. The whole body experience was amazing. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a new and unique way to "feel" their music.
Stephania - TX

I received my "OhMiBod" as a shower gift. Love it!!! I am ordering one for everyone I know this Holiday season. What a fabulous idea!!! FYI to your other users: My fiancé downloaded him talking to me onto my iPod and it works even to the sound of his voice!!!!! Makes my traveling a lot less painful!!!
J.N. - San Francisco

Wow. I love that it works with or without my MP3 player. I like it "with" the most.... I find having my tunes working in unison with your product not only relaxes me but allows me to escape quickly. Great idea.
Angela M. Atlanta

...can't believe how well it works... The music industry should give you an honorary grammy... my music never sounded (or felt) better.
S.R. - NYC

In Conclusion
After using this product you really appreciate your music in more ways than one. OhMiBod also has Boditalk™ which is activated by calls made to or from your cell phone when in close range. The cell signal triggers a unique 3 pattern vibrating sequence that lasts for the entire call - enabling you to "get off while you're on."

Optimized for iPod® products and other MP3 players. Also works with laptops, home stereos, portable CD players, microphones, and electric guitars - virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack.

I have been hunting down a friend of mine who owns an electric guitar because I want to experiment. I really can’t wait. I am also thinking of music lessons, just to be more familiar with the guitar. It’s going to be wild.

Care and Cleaning: Clean after every use with adult toy cleaner, alcohol or mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly. When cleaning, keep motor, end cap and batteries away from liquids to prevent corrosion of electronic parts.

As indicated in the two blog’s already written on the subject of sex, the first inspired by Oprah’s Best Life Sex 101 followed by Sexual Satisfaction inspired by Motswako; it is safe to conclude that we have found a product which can be enjoyed by men and women, together or individually. The integration of music was a stroke of genius from OhMiBod.

Wearing the his and hers t-shirts from OhMiBod just lead to more trouble. If you love quality, music and a product which makes your lovemaking more fun for both, you and your partner, then OhMiBod is the way to go.

To order your own OhMiBod, just click-here

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