Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TheTVObserver: Meiki Snapped

There I was enjoying one of my weekends in peace, when a crazy friend who enjoys making fun of every scene under the sun, gave me a call to tell me to watch Muvhango quickly….. am going to love it, he claimed. Huh? Was my response since love and Muvhango cannot be used in the same sentence.

So I did, and there I was observing this crazy scene with Meiki and Nomthandazo. But Meiki had a knife and she was saying all of these things. I knew for sure that the subtitles where not giving viewers a good representation.

“I will cut you” was the only thing that went through my mind as I tried to understand the scene. But after a couple of minutes of watching, I realized that the scene had merit to be fun but it went bad when Nomthandazo could not even scream decently enough to make it believable. A lady screaming from the heat of a relaxer on her scalp, is more exciting and entertaining that Nomthandazo attempts.

But it was not without the exaggerated and desperate attempt to win a Mzanzi Award and SAFTA, by Meiki’s performance. As she was on top Nomthandazo’s desk waving her mighty knife. LOL. I wonder how her script described the scene, or was it one of those ad-libbed scenes.

I did laugh like crazy, as I screamed to my friend on the phone “the B@#$% has finally SNAPPED”. And he reciprocated by shouting “it’s about bloody time”. We laughed for a very long time on the phone without saying a word. After a couple of minutes we both hanged-up without saying goodbye. That was fun!
But all jokes aside…..Meiki is crazy we know, but remember the guy or girl you loved with every fiber of your being. The person you would do anything for, now multiply that by forever you will have an idea what a psycho like Meiki is going through. Its sick but sad.

What I don’t understand is, why would the producers and writers turn her into a wonder business-women only to jump back to her crazy persona? Maybe they thought that was entertaining…I don’t think so.

Anyway…I don’t give much thought to it…it is Muvhango after all, so my expectations are very low. If they returned to its former glory (whilst it was a weekly), then it would offer much more entertainment than this.

"I will CUT you" LOL........

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