Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TheTVObserver: OhMiBod Winners Final Update

We are happy to announce that, The Amazing OhMiBod Race around the world, to deliver prizes to our winners is done! Well maybe not around the world, but certainly across a couple of countries.

It has been a great experience and it could have never been possible without the awesome support and kindness of the good guys over at OhMiBod and a special thank you to Brian, CEO of OhMiBod.

Daniel’s Prize (US Winner)

Leslie's Prize (US Winner)

Belz's Prize (ZA Winner)

TheLady’s Prize (ZA Winner)

WSG’s Prize (TheTVObserver’s Complimentary Winner)

Some of our wonderful winners have sent us pictures of their prizes. We are planning a special blog which will have their cool pictures and exciting reviews. Subscribe to TheTVObserver posts to be the first to know.

TheTVObserver's contest was made possible by OhMiBod.

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To ORDER your own OhMiBod click here. Everything you need to keep the "O" in your OhMiBod experience.

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