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TheTVObserver: WWE Edge - The Rated R Superstar

Edge is one of those WWE stars who will always leave you with a lasting impression. He can play Mr. Right to Mr Horrible in between three seconds. But he always delivers the most entertainment on Smackdown and Raw.

But do not let the eccentric activities of this Rated R Superstar fool you, behind the character, oh excuse me…the star, is a very intelligent man who has become a true WWE star. In this special StarSpread, TheTVObserver presents one of the most hated, loved and liked WWE star. One thing is for sure…the gods of opportunistic powers gave more than enough blessings to guarantee him championship upon championship.

I actually enjoy watching Edge because he is not boring. You never know what he will do and I find that to be bloody entertaining. You think you know me? LOL.

Better known by his ring name Edge, he is a Canadian professional wrestler who is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its SmackDown brand. Copeland rose through the ranks as one half of the tag team Edge and Christian, alongside his real-life childhood friend and storyline brother Christian. He is noted for being the most decorated tag team champion in WWE history, winning a record 12 tag team titles.

Born: October 30, 1973
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250 lbs
Debut: 1992
Debuted with WWE: 1998

Copeland is an eight-time World Champion, having won the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship four times each.

Aside from professional wrestling, Copeland has appeared in Highlander: Endgame and made guest appearances in television shows, including The Weakest Link, Deal or No Deal, MADtv, and Mind of Mencia.

Edge began his career being a wrestler at a young age. His favorite wrestlers included Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig), Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat (Richard Blood), Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

He became a part of the tag team Sex and Violence with Joe Legend (Joe Hitchen). During 1997, Sex and Violence became part of a larger stable known as Thug Life, made up of Legend, Hardcastle, childhood friend Christian (Jason Reso), "Bloody" Bill Skullion, and Rhino Richards (Terry Gerin)

In 1998, Copeland was signed by the World Wrestling Federation and made his television debut on the June 30 episode of Raw Is War as Edge, a loner character who entered the arena through the crowd for his matches.

His first televised match was against Jose Estrada, Jr., which ended prematurely by countout when Edge performed a somersault senton from the ring to the outside, legitimately injuring Estrada's neck.

In his first pay-per-view match at SummerSlam, he served as Sable's (Rena Mero) mystery tag team partner against Jacqueline (Jacqueline Moore) and Marc Mero, and bodyslammed Sable onto Mero in a pinning position to pick up the win

Edge captured his first singles championship on July 24, 1999, defeating Jeff Jarrett for the Intercontinental Title at a house show in Toronto, Ontario.

Edge went on to solidify himself as an emerging singles star by winning the King of the Ring tournament in 2001. When WrestleMania X8 came around, Edge found himself in a match with Booker T (Booker Huffman) that was the result of Edge beating out Booker for a fictitious Japanese shampoo endorsement.

Edge was drafted to the SmackDown! brand in the first WWE Draft Lottery. Upon arriving there, he began a feud against Kurt Angle, which culminated in Edge shaving Kurt's head following a hair vs. hair match at Judgment Day.

In February 2003, Edge suffered a legitimate neck injury and had to undergo surgery with Dr. Lloyd Youngblood. Recovery kept him sidelined for close to a year.

He was scheduled to return to the ring in February 2004, but he suffered a legitimate broken hand just before his planned return, forcing him to stay out of the ring for an additional month. He was placed on the Raw brand in the WWE Draft after WrestleMania XX and returned to in-ring action shortly after that event.

He then began to transition into a villainous character by cheating to keep the title and getting confrontational with ally Chris Jericho. Following a legitimate groin injury in a non-televised match, Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff stripped Edge of the Intercontinental title.

Upon his return, Edge's character became that of a crazed villain with severe anger management problems centered around his obsession for the World Heavyweight Championship

Even though he was already a villain, Edge faced even more scorn from the fans due to his adulterous affair with Amy Dumas, known on-screen as Lita

Shortly after the Homecoming victory, Edge suffered a legitimate torn pectoral muscle that kept him shelved for several weeks

In early February 2007, Edge beat Rob Van Dam to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, but suffered a legitimate broken jaw in the process. He remained on TV but avoided physical confrontations until WrestleMania 23. Meanwhile, his tag partner Orton also qualified for the Money in the bank match, which led to dissent between them.

He then entered a feud, along with former partner Orton, with John Cena and Shawn Michaels. All four men were aiming for the WWE Championship, and at Backlash they competed in a Fatal Four-Way match in which Cena successfully defended his title.

On the May 7, 2007 edition of Raw, Edge defeated Mr. Kennedy to win his Money in the Bank title opportunity (Kennedy had suffered a legitimate injury prior to the match, plus Edge attacked Kennedy before the match), making Edge a two-time Money in the Bank holder

Edge also formed an alliance with Chavo Guerrero, and on the January 22, 2008 broadcast of ECW on Sci Fi, he assisted Chavo in winning the ECW Championship from CM Punk

On the June 30, 2008 edition of Raw, Edge interrupted the farewell speech of Jim Ross, who had been drafted to SmackDown! the week before, and forced him to leave the ring. Edge then cut a promo mocking Raw's lack of a world champion, as WWE Champion Triple H had also been drafted to SmackDown! the previous week, and proceeded to leave.

In 2000, he made a cameo appearance in the movie Highlander: Endgame, credited as "Road Bandit". During the appearance, actor Adrian Paul remarks "Looks like you've lost your edge, lad" after defeating him in a sword fight.

In March 2002, Copeland alongside other WWE Superstars appeared on The Weakest Link. He was voted out in the first round, and the eventual winner was Kane

On the August 6, 2006 episode of Mind of Mencia, Copeland appeared as Edge as a commentator for "The Royal Religious Rumble". He punched out an actor playing L. Ron Hubbard to stop Scientology from ruling the world and then speared another actor playing Tom Cruise.

In March 2007, alongside Randy Orton, John Cena, and Bobby Lashley, he appeared on Deal or No Deal. Weeks later he appeared on the sketch comedy show MADtv.

Copeland used to play hockey with current Detroit Red Wing Aaron Downey. He is a New Jersey Devils fan. As a teenager, Copeland (along with his friend Jason Reso) attended WrestleMania VI sitting in the eleventh row at ringside. He was cheering on WWF Champion Hulk Hogan against The Ultimate Warrior, and he credits this match with making him realize he wanted to be a wrestler. Twelve years later Copeland returned to SkyDome as a competitor at WrestleMania X8.

His autobiography, titled Adam Copeland On Edge, was published on November 4, 2004. Unlike most wrestlers who used 'ghost writers' to write their autobiographies, Copeland wrote the entire book himself. Mick Foley wrote the foreword to his book.

Copeland does not smoke. He claims he had his first cigarette when he was sixteen, hated it, and has not smoked since.

For any fan of this entertaining WWE star, A Decade of Decadence, WWE's latest three-disc DVD, pays tribute to the superstar's achievements with over nine hours of content. This sweetly bone-crushing collection showcases the wrestler everybody loves to hate in the greatest matches of his career, including bouts with John Cena, Undertaker, Batista, Triple H, Matt Hardy and more. Edge won the WWE Championship twice, the World Heavyweight Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship five times and the World Tag Team Championship 11 times -- and he's here to rub it in. If you like Edge or love him, you will enjoy this DVD, although they could have done a lot better to tribute this SUPER-SUPERSTAR.

Copeland has several tattoos. He has a tattoo of a red and black sun on his left upper biceps (which covers a tattoo of a muscular shark which resembled the Street Sharks), a star on his right upper biceps with several smaller stars below it, two skulls wearing bandannas, adorned with flowers and hearts, below said star tattoo, along with a tattoo of a cross on his left forearm, and another tattoo of a scroll like piece of paper that adorns the words Rise Above. Adam has also got a tattoo of a maple leaf on his foot. All of Copeland's tattoos represent a stage in his career: his sun, which Copeland got while recovering from his neck injury, represents "looking towards brighter days." The cross tattoo represents his time with the Brood, and his star and skull tattoos represent his Rated R Superstar persona and his self-proclaimed status as the "Guns 'N Roses of wrestling".

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