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TheTVObserver: Adam Lambert

What happens when a “gay” or should one say “camp” looking contestant goes against an All-American looking, Christian and married guy?

You get the end of the world….kidding, you have season 8 of Idols.

It’s impossible not to observe the obvious, perhaps glaring, fact that this year’s Idols was more of a competition about what America or Americans think of recognizing gay or gay-looking contestants on a national stage such as Idols. Clay Aiken come-out years after he made a career from Idols. He did not look gay...okay who am I kidding. He did not wear his gay persona on his sleeves like Adam. But this year, the showdown was between two very different contestants.

They both made the final 2 and gave amazing performances, but when it came time to cast that vote. The public was asked a question, “Decide who is the next American Idol” and human beings could not help themselves but cross reference. Do I vote for a guy who kisses other guys or a Christian who is married?

Well for some it was obvious considering the Christian machine and its awesome power. But is it fare, then we realized fare has nothing to do with it this time, nor did singing.

Clay made a comment on his blog which was considered negative towards Adam Lambert. We think he should have a better idea of the cost of being gay whilst a contestant on Idols. However, we strongly believe, he’s was more of a managed coming-out process. His comment received a lot of criticism. We really don’t care that much, he had his short and unlike him, Adam never went out to create a show stopper of a "hide/deny my sexuality".

Kris Allen’s profile is every mothers dream and every politician’s dream voter. But Kris Allen appealed to more people than most thought; hence he was crowned the winner. This does not take away the fact that Adam has a hell-off-a-following and the boy can sing. But clearly, the New Life Church, is more powerful not including fellow Christians from other denomination who hate anything that looks or acts gay..

Which begs the question; Are people more willing to be lied to by their stars, than having to face the truth? Hollywood has taught us that the answer to that question will remain: a resounding YES!

The cost of being an openly gay “anything” in mainstream entertainment is “poverty”. Keep it locked in the closet, until you have made a fortune for yourself or you are exposed. Your pick!

Kara DioGuardi said "I don't think that Adam was ever in [the closet]." She was answering Barbara Walters, who asked if Lambert's controversial loss to Kris Allen was influenced by questions about whether Lambert is gay.

We believe it contributed. Despite his talent, a lot of people may have had a problem (and still do) with photos of him kissing another man and the eyeliner, nail polish, tight pants and flamboyant hair styles, may be a turn off for a lot of people.

Especially when compared to his competitor on American Idol Kris Allen. He is a Christian. He was a worship leader at New Life Church in Maumelle, Arkansas, as well as at the Chi Alpha campus ministry of the University of Central Arkansas, where he was a business major. He has done missionary work around the world, including in Burma, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain and Thailand.

However, one should respect Adam for being honest about who he is, in away. But it has been reported that he has a way of beating around the homosexual bush each time a reporter has approached the topic of his sexuality. Maybe someone at Fox advised him not to accept or deny anything for the duration of the series. Mr. reporter go and ask him again!

We tell our children to follow their dreams, be who you are, don’t let anyone tell you that your are not good enough. Then we turn around and tell them how long they will burn in hell, for following our advice. Hypocrites much!

It should be interesting to observe his career and the choices he makes.

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