Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TheTVObserver: American Idol Season 8 Finale

Today, America decides who the next Idol is going to be. Adam Lambert looks like he will be the new "American Idol". Idolmania can't wait to welcome the newly crowned American Idol. I guess we share the same feeling. It has been a very exciting journey,. but very soon...counting hours...we will know who the next American Idol is going to be...or is it obvious...whatever!...its exciting.

Who can forget Michael Jackson week, and a certain someone's "Black or White" performance which got him praise from all four judges, with Paula Abdul predicting that he would go on to the finals. Well he made it and he may just be the next idol. Wink Wink!

Also who can forget "Ring of Fire" and the "indulgent rubbish" moment, but no one said this lightning speed process to become a superstar is going to be smooth. You can always count on Simon's bumbs or humps on the way, to knock you back into reality. Then again, if you have a hummer you won't feel a thing.

Season 8 finale airs tonight at 8pm ET on FOX

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1 comment:

WhiteSockGirl said...

WHAT???? No picture of Adam? And you forgot his versions of Track of Tears and Mad world,... and not to mention If I can't have you,...

Adam is a brilliant,.. simply brilliant. I want to go to the states and stalk him,.. force him to become my husband. Impossible dream? Yeah, so what????

But I can't help to think that the Barbie hormone driven crowd and the conservative cliques would give it to Ken,...