Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TheTVObserver: Best Life Discussion

TheTVObserver presents a World Discussion. Everyone is trying their best to live their best life. But the economy is not doing much to help people live their best lives. In fact, more and more families are living their worst lives.

One of the things I have learned is the power to learn from others. Thus, in review of Oprah’s Best Life Series which we covered on our blog, I would like to call upon everyone to share tips, ideas, and solutions which "HELPED YOU or still HELPS YOU" deal with the current economic condition and appreciate your life even better. This is part of our commitment to unearth “best life secrets” from others around the world.

To kick of the TheTVObserver Best Life World Discussion, we will focus on Money, as the first discussion given the economic condition across the world. .

All we ask is for you to tell us what advice "YOU" have when it comes to MONEY. In order to help others “Live Their Best Financial Lives”.

We are not looking for get rich quick ideas, but solid yet effective advice on what you have done and how it has helped you. Do not be too technical, just as basic and useful as you can be.

Keep it simple and fun!
Each discussion will be a week long, to allow other to read and contribute as best as they can.

The best tips will be featured on our weekly blog on the subject. All the people who provided tips will be included with links to their websites/blog.

The next world discussion is on: Health. In order to help others “Live Their Best Healthy Lives”. You hold a tip or advice which may change someone's life.

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