Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TheTVObserver: Betrayed By A Friend

TheTVObserver is looking for your story. Have you had an interesting experience with someone you once or still, consider a friend. This could be something that you classify as a betrayal by your standards or just something you could not expect from a friend.

If you have a story, please post a brief, but interesting, description (not the whole story) in your comment to this blog. Leave your name, email or blog link.

We will get in contact with you if we like your story.

People with the most interesting story will be interviewed by TheTVObserver and your interview will be posted on our blog with links to your site or blog (if you have one) or to your Twitter, Myspace or Facebook account, etc.

The story must be PG or READER 17. No adult stories, etc.

Your interview, if successful, will be made available across our entire social media platforms – our YouTube channel, on Facebook, weekly updates on Twitter, etc. Please make sure you have a high quality headshot (picture of yourself), for use on our graphics, if your are selected.

Only 8 stories will be selected to be published as part of TheTVObserver Love Series. We may increase the number, subject to the quality of stories submitted.

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WhiteSockGirl said...

Oh, oh,... choose me! Me! My imaginary friend betrayed me,... she is now dating another girl, and that one is far from fabulous! Please, can I tell my story?

TheTVObserver said...

Imaginary? Am sorry WSG.

This new series of interviews is all about real life and "REAL" stories.

As fun as it may be to go into that dark head of yours, to uncover your fab encounters with friends. I will pass.

We still want to enjoy our lives. in peace I may add...lol.

But if you have a real life story...you can give us a brief description.

WhiteSockGirl said...

My friend is real, for me,... and you won't a better story,... You have the complicated relationship betrayal,.. and I am planning to stalk the other person.

Ps. What is the prize? Will we (see, I am confident) win anything?

TheTVObserver said...

"My friend is real, for me" They have a name for adult humnans who have imaginary friends. It does not matter how real they are to you. THEY ARE IMAGINARY rendering your story...kinder freaky and disturbing.

"Ps. What is the prize? Will we (see, I am confident) win anything?" LOL Okay ... am I that predictable? NO PRIZE at least not yet.

Possibly, but I can't confirm nor deny, at the present time (in my political tone)

What I know is that those selected (if they a blog or website) will have their links included in the published interview.