Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TheTVObserver: Jackson Is Back

As much as it was exciting to observe Gale Harold on television again after his accident, I could not help but be disappointed. Not in the show, but the storyline which may suggest a shorter life-span for Gale Harold playing Jackson.

Jackson's return was exciting and not for the reasons the producers of the show had in mind. Ours was the chance to see Gale Harold back on air, looking healthy and well. We were very happy to see the actor on screen. Of course Desperate Housewives was fun. But that's not the point. Jackson is!

In the past few days we have learned more about Gale than we thought possible. We had him on StarSpread and the next thing he tops the charts of TheTVObserver as the blog's popular page. Moving Supernatural's Jensen Ackles from the number position. Observing him on screen, we could not help but wonder,"when is Justin making his appearance" lol.

The fun part was when we observed his dialogue and kept going, "Justin is not going to like this". LOL. Anyway, back to reality.

The proposal he made was not what a lot of fans had in mind or hoped for. I think for most, we would have loved to see Susan get a proper proposal and get married. Then loose the husband later, rather than having to face the idea that the fake marriage may just be the producer’s way to cut Jackson out.

Although, this situation may mean a couple more episodes of Jackson on DH, but then again he could be gone next week. Anything could happen. i.e He may be deported, etc.

But it does help to HOPE, to hope that this talented actor will either become a recurring guest star or he is written out and his appearance on DH lands him a leading role in a major show or motion picture.

Perhaps in another show on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS or if our wishes can be answers, he could join the network with hottest TV stars, our much loved CW network. I think I would faint, if Gale lands a role in one of TheCW’s shows. Enough dreaming….

And just to make sure that fans of the star don’t get too comfortable with Jackson, Dave is hunting him down because he is a witness. We will see how this unfolds but it does not look good.

Welcome back Gale!

PS: Lynette and Tom, you guys are nasty! Nice commitment to get it on every day for a month. Funny, but nasty! Lynette not while your friends are downstairs, that’s not cool. At all!

Oh! Lynette may I suggest OhMiBod. I am sure it will become a hit in Wisteria Lane, after you tell Bree, Susan etc.Your tea parties will not be the same. hmmmm

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BK said...

I agree, the storyline isn't the best, but I'm glad he's back (and healthy).

I like his chemistry with Teri. No one can rival Randy, but they are funny together :)

WhiteSockGirl said...

TVObserver,... do I sense a crush on dear o'l Susan? Hmmm,...???? Cause you have her pictures of her up almost every week, sometimes twice a week,...

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the TVObserver for all this articles about Gale and his role in DH. Always it´s apleasure to red something about him

I´m glad that he returns to DH and see him healthy and wonderful

Susan & Jackson have chemistry and can be a funny 6 charming couple

Anonymous said...

Trop heureuse de retrouver notre Gale Harold en bonne santé.
Il est vrai qu'il est un Acteur plein de talent et qu'il serait judicieux que les grandes productions le reconnaissent comme tel et lui donne l'opportunité de jouer des premiers rôles.
Il a tout pour lui le charisme, la prestance,la présence,la beauté, la classe..Bref il est PARFAIT et lorsqu'il apparait à l'écran moi je suis complètement sous le charme
Alors qu'il revienne dans DH Saison 6 et que Marc Cherry donne à son rôle une place privilégiée je pense que la série n'en sera que meilleure
Et MERCI à GALE HAROLD de nous faire rêver même en France ou il a des FANS comme moi inconditionnelle