Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TheTVObserver: NCIS Season 6 Finale

Executive producer Shane Brennan suspects that he will catch some heat -- as he did a year ago, when he killed Jenny Shepard and brought in Leon Vance -- for the season-ending shocker he has planned this time around. "It will come at you from left field," he tells us, "but it will be a fun ride." As such, his advice to fans apes that from last spring: "Buckle up, and hang in there until September." As for talk that Gibbs' team will be downsized by one in the finale, Brennan says, "That's not correct... but it's not wrong either. People are just going to have to watch."

Season 6 finale airs Tuesday, 5/19 at 8pm ET on CBS

If NCIS is not your thing, well watch:

Dancing with Stars Season 8 finale at 9pm ET on ABC

90210 Season 1 finale at 9pm ET on The CW

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