Monday, July 6, 2009

TheTVObserver: Brian Kinney’s True Love

TheTVObserver in association with Memorable Moments presents a "Special Look at Queer As Folk: Love Triangle between Brian, Michael and Justin", as we unearth Brian Kinney's True Love. This is a series which was daring, yet entertaining and years after its premier, it still generates a lot of interest. We now know why!

Jerry Offsay, programming president of Showtime, said that the U.S. version of the British miniseries ''Queer as Folk'' will be ''the sexiest, edgiest series to premiere on any network in America.'' Okay…years after it aired we would say edgy is correct and the only sexy thing would be Brian.

When it was launched the program had more than its fare share of controversy. Critic’s never thought it will live past three episodes, let alone five seasons. But Queer As Folk’s casting was a stroke of genius, and the writing for Season 1 to Season 3, was enough to turn the controversial dramatic series into a defining tv-program for gay and lesbian folks. But what came as a surprise to a lot of critics was the research, which concluded that the show had a strong heterosexual “female” following. Go Figure!

As for ''Queer as Folk'': It started out as a 1999 miniseries on Great Britain's Channel 4, its title a play on a Yorkshire proverb, ''There's nought so queer as folk'' -- meaning, roughly, a Jim Morrison- ism: ''People are strange.'' writes

After our StarSpread with Gale Harold we had a lot of requests to observe QAF. We bought a lot of candy and all sorts of junk food, - not a good idea, after the fact, but we had fun. We had our-self a trip down memory-lane with the complete box set of Queer As Folk on DVD, uncensored and uninterrupted. You can imagine the a room packed with opinionated observers, man that was crazy. We watched the entire five seasons of Queer As Folk in what looked that a never ending marathon, interrupted by debates of the triangle. It was a lot of fun. We recommend it to anyone. PS: Make sure you have lots of wine or vodka, if your going to debate this. A headache is guaranteed.

The reason for the mega observation "Who did Brian really love? Was it Justin or Michael?

After hours of observation and storyline study, it was concluded that only one man knew who Brian Kinney was! Only one man could understand and live with the choices and decisions made by Brian Kinney! Only one man could be in Brian Kinney’s future? Only one man could remain in Brian Kinney’s heart forever! Only one man is the ultimate love of his life!

Brian only loved Michael not Justin. He fell in love with Justin after realizing that the only way he could love Michael, was by becoming the very thing Michael created in his head as perfect love, which was “a superhero”. Ever since Brian come to Michael’s rescue in high-school, Michael had always looked at Brian as his very own “super-hero” and Brian enjoyed coming to his rescue. As thou, it was something he also wished someone had done it for him, given his upbringing. Remember the encounter with his father.

If we compare Michael and Brian’s relationship against the people they date or have close relationships with, we realize that they are not as intense and as passionate as the love they have for each other. Brian had a hard time opening his heart for Justin, because we believe he held that special place for Michael, but eventually he allowed himself to fall for Justin, knowing full well that Michael was the love of his life.

Brian knew that everything that his friends were looking for in their pursuit of love and Mr. Right, Michael Novotny had everything that he needed and more. The patience, care, persistence, kindness, and the unconditional love he longed for, Micheal had. When Justin found it hard to understand Brian, Michael was there to explain the basics of Kinney life. In fact without Michael, Justin would have left Brian.

When Debbie asked Brian to cut Michael loose from his love-grip, Kinney did the worst thing ever by normal friendship standards. But if you observed carefully their relationship, you would understand that Michael and Brian were not friends. Friendship was their “Clark Kent” type roles to their “Superman” lives.

One could also argue that the 30th birthday disaster was done by Brian for Debbie following her emotional request. We can argue that Michael found flaws with David because he was so perfect him but he was not "Brian". There was always a reason for him to find fault with his life and relationship with David, although David knew that he was always in competition with Brian, when it came to Michael’s love.

Although Brian could be a pig when it comes to his sexual predator role, it did hurt him to out Michael at his 30th. We believe it hurt him because he loved Michael and did not want him to shack up with David, since Michael could not do the usual hook-ups because he had to find "captain astro" in his quests. Brian needed and wanted him to always be there for them, not just him. Also it hurt Brian because he had to let him go. Which could explain why he was freaking out after that night, and hanging out with Ted. He never even hooked up with guys, he even asked Justin over for the very first time. Michael was the one who brought him back from his depression, with help of Justin.

When it came time for Michael to make the ultimate commitment to David, following the request by the hot doctor that Michael should move with him, so that he could be closer to his son. Michael had a hard time and as fate would have it, Justin’s accident provided a reason for him to hang-around. Eventually he returned to the loving arms of the love of his life "Brian".

Both David and Ben knew that they came second in Michael’s heart, or could it be third? First is Brian, second are comics and third would be his lover. But his mother takes the crown, as the ultimate love of his life - gay boys and their mothers. They knew that they did not rank in the same level as Brian, but they loved Michael anyway.

However, the relationship between Justin and Brian was very interesting. One could even go as far as to call it a redeemer. Justin practically filled Michael’s shoes, stayed at his house, worked at the diner and was coached by Michael from time to time, on how to be with Brian. This prep-work, we believe, helped sunshine to worm his way into Brian’s heart.

Justin’s attack at his high-school graduation after that beautiful dance number by him and Brian was terrible and it became a turning point for Brian. He began to care for sunshine. He dropped his guard and his guilt made him even more vulnerable. In a way, that accident made Brian feel horrible because he could not rescue Justin, the same way he rescued Michael. Although Michael was there for him, Brian felt guilty and that also made it difficult to separate his emotions from Justin. Justin finally realized that Brian was caring for him out of guilt not because he loved him. Ouch!

We also have Brian and Michael having children with the same lesbian couple. As if they didn’t have another reason to be in each others lives, now they have children with the same couple.

By Season5, we observed an interesting dimension to the couple. Brian and Michael loved one another, but they cheated their partners by not loving them “Ben and Justin”, the same way they loved each other. We find this to be very interesting because you now have two guys who love each other, more than anything else on this planet but they are not together, yet the partners they choose are in some-way a lesser version of the person they truly love. Both their partners are flawed enough for them to continue loving each other, and accommodate the love for their partner.

Its kinder interesting because, their relationship was not a friendship. Their friends were Emmett and Ted. Justin and Ben were more like their sexual partners, whom they cared for deeply. Both Justin and Ben knew that Michael and Brian have a connection, but it was never talked about as a big deal. It was just something they had to deal with.

Also Brian kissed Michael way too much from S1 to S5. He kissed him with great care and love. Despite the ban, Justin imposed on Brian, that he may never kiss another guy. Brian continued to kiss Michael. In normal relationships, Justin would have asked Brian the following questions:
“Brian, are you in love with me or Michael”? But he could not ask that question, although he did complain about it to Daphne. He quickly realized that if he wanted to be with Brian, he would need to accept the complex relationship he has with Michael.

We should also note that Justin is the only one who cheated on Brian, in his confused quest of love. He also broke the rules he had set for their relationship.

Most people may argue that Brian loved Justin. Yes he did, but after realizing that the best way he could love Michael is by letting him be loved, how Michael wants to be loved. Which meant Brian would remain the “super-hero” in Michael’s life forever, coming to his rescue whenever Michael needed him.

When Brian caught Justin and Michael in bed together in that cute embrace after a long night of comic book brainstorm, he got furious and thought they had slept together. I found that to be very funny because Brian just got paranoid all of sudden, thinking the boys pulled a “Brian Kinney” on him, in his apartment of all places. We should recall that the comic book was based on Brian and Michael is the one who thought of the idea, and of course Justin could not argue or deny that. Ooooh Yeah!

When Michael found love in Ben, it was very sweet how he got Ben to go out with him. It was at that basket ball court and he interrupted Ben’s game with the boys by refusing to pass the ball, in order to get Ben to agree to a date with him. That was cute and very funny. Again, Brian hated the idea of Michael going that far, only because he felt that Michael would remain within his domain. News of Brian and Ben having a go at it, made Michael very upset, but gave Brian something to grin about. But Brian was the one who looked out for Michael when Ben started using steroids.

Despite his love for Michael, Brian did give his heart to Justin and it was sad how he would hook-up with boys who looked like Justin after one of their short-term break-ups. The most painful period in Brian’s life as per our observation, came after he had given his heart to Justin after realizing that he can’t be with Michael.

But just as he was dealing with allowing Justin into his heart, Hollywood came knocking, which sent Brian back to square one. But he gave it a shot and after the terrible attack at Babylon, Brian realized that he has to treasure his life and show the people he loves how he really feels. Michael’s condition plus being refused the chance to give his blood to help Michael was enough to drive him crazy. Finally he decided to become what Justin wants and he cuddled for the first time, popped the question, he behaved like a husband “yes dear, whatever you want dear”. Interesting because, Justin asked him why he did that and he did not want him to change for him. Yet all along, that is exactly what Justin wanted.
But just as the story had started, it ended in what was a very clear demonstration of love and how the two felt about each other. Brian realized that his true love was there for him and who he had thought he would love for the rest of his life, was in fact getting started on his but far away from him. After years of telling him to be:”The Best Homosexual You Could Be”, Justin graduated from the Brian Kinney School of Life Lesson. Justin also defined Brian's milestones - naming his son, naming his company and almost naming his new mansion. The emotional graduation ceremony was a visual feast and it was the very first time Brian and Justin made-love.

Observing the last episode was just painful, because Brian turned out to be a true super-hero. He sacrificed his love, to make sure that Michael is happy and he allowed Justin to live his life, which meant he was left like all super hero’s. ALONE!
Scene from Episode One of Season 1:
After the birth of his baby at the hospital, Brian is holding his baby and he goes to the Hospital roof with Michael. Brian asks Michael to take his hand while he is standing on the edge of a rooftop, screaming “Michael, come get me or I will jump". They hold each other and Brian said "I am superman, I will show you the world" and Michael replies "Why am I always Louise Lane".
Last scene on Season Five’s final episode:
“This is where we came the night of our senior prom, after we dumped our dates.” Knowing full well that Brian is all alone, for one night in his entire – like Captain Astro, Michael becomes Brian’s superhero, when he takes him back to where it all started to show him that “he will always be young, he will always be Brian Kinney, for F@#$ Sake”. Basically meaning that for Michael, Brian will always be a super-hero or in plain English "the love of his life".

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Anonymous said...

ohoh a delusional B/M shipper Hon, you are nuts. Even the QAF writers said that Brian was not in love with Mikey, he simply loved him as a friend or brother. If he had this all consuming passionate love for Mikey as he did for Justin, he would've given in to it years ago. No one can quench those kind of love flames, as it was obvious with Brian and Justin, the pair that really loved each other(and was actually on screen not in someone's wishful thinking). But since you can't get Brian's name right, it's hardly surprising you can't grasp what is right in front of your face.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TheTVObserver said...

@ Anonymous #1 Delusional? - We do not think so. As for nuts- well nuts about QAF maybe. This show RULES!.

We could understand your position since our "QAF Observation" weekend was packed with heated arguments. To set the record straight, there is nothing in our observation which is based on FICTION or FABRICATION, to warrant your conclusion of delusions.

Every reference is based on the actual storyline. We never said, Brian did not LOVE Justin. We just pointed out his true love, which was Michael, either you see that as a brotherly type of love or his soul mate, the fact remains. Brian had a special and more passionate love for Michael.

“If he had this all consuming passionate love for Mikey as he did for Justin, he would've given in to it years ago”. – No, because he really loved Mikey and those other guys where his sexual subjects, in his role as a sexual predator and he did not want to reduce Mikey to that level. Only Justin managed to grow beyond that, to become a resident in Kinney's heart.

We said in our post:
“Most people may argue that Brian loved Justin. Yes he did, but after realizing that the best way he could love Michael is by letting him be loved, how Michael wants to be loved. Which meant Brian would remain the “super-hero” in Michael’s life forever, coming to his rescue whenever Michael needed him.”.

So before you think we are consumed with wishful thinking, here are some scenes from the show, we could reference a lot of them, but this would do for now:
Episode 1:11 - Scene at Brian's apartment
Debbie: You have been there too much, always giving him extra bits of your affection. To make him believe someday you will be his.
Brian: Who knows, maybe we will end up a couple of old queens in Palm Springs.
Debbie: Only what is he supposed to do until then? He had a chance with David and you had to F@#$ it up.
Brian: He wasn't having any fun
Debbie: He's had enough fun. You all had enough fun. Its time for him to be a man
Brian: What do you want me to do about that?
Debbie: I don’t know. Something, You owe my kid. Something.
Brian: Okay, you’re right. I'll do something. Its Michael’s 30th. He should have a party he never forgets.

After the party:
Debbie: You couldn't have pushed him softly; you had to push him off the cliff
Brian: Yeah I had to, otherwise he would have followed me around
Brian: It was the only way
Debbie: This David, he's good for him.
Brian: Yea, that wont last
Debbie: Maybe not. He should at least give it a try

In Episode 12 of S1: In the scene were Brian is on the couch with Justin after the party

Brian - His life is going to hang there like some shirt he never wears.
Justin - So you pushed him away?
Brian - That was the only course of action
Justin - Yeah but now he hates you
Brian - Its okay, as long as Mikey is Happy
Justin - must really love him
Brian: I think its time for you to go.
Justin: Luckily you can’t push me away, Am on to you


You do not have to be nasty, we can debate our viewers without accusing each other of things.

Queer As Folk is like a painting, some saw it as the best drama ever, some “straight people” saw it a lascivious showcase of gay life, some argued that it is a wrong representation of the culture, and the list goes on. The show was great and it was interesting for us to watch it with a group of people both straight and gay, who debated the storyline with such passion that we ended up with lots of arguments, but finally we agreed. (Vodka helped). Yet, it’s amazing how the series still entertains years after its final broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jesus Christ, I couldn't disagree with you more!! Really!!

Anonymous said...

OMG ! how could you say Brian 's love is Michael ? do you imagine them in bed ? you think love is only having strong feeling for
a friend you know from your teenage ? that you love like a brother?
before Justin ,Brian didn't know what Love was ,he had all the time to recognize it if he loved Michael; but he didn't ; He loved him like a puppy, he cared about him; without admiration, neither sexual attraction.
with Justin he learned with pain what Love is .

galegirlfla said...

I couldn't disagree more.

JUSTIN is the one who made Brian grow up and be the man he could and should be. He is his one true love, and it was horrible to end the series with them apart.

Anonymous said...

with all the respect due, I'm wondering if you really watched the show. Brian was never in love with Michael. He loved him as a friend and he always will, but it was never a romantic love on Brian's part. Never. Even the cast and writers said Brian did really love Justin in the commentary on the season 3 finale. Of course everyone sees things in their own way and they can have their opinion, but I think you missed every point QAF wanted to make when it came to Brian. Justin was the first and only person Brian loved romantically, and Michael had absolutely nothing to do with it. Michael is and will always be like a brother to Brian.

Anonymous said...

if Michael was the love of Brian's life, how come Brian's first thought after he heard about the bombing was Justin and only Justin? he only thought about Michael once he made sure Justin was fine. That says it all, really.

TheTVObserver said...

@galegirlfla. I think the series ended very badly with a lot of stuff in the air.

@Anonymous #5 - Honestly, we watched with our gay friends and we had a mother of an argument. So we are not surprised by the comments. We had to pause, rewind and debate then fight. And get back to the marathon. It was Hectic. At one point we thought one had to be gay to fully understand the Brian thing. But we argued on the basis what the story suggested about Brian and his true love. We did not disagree about the fact that Brian loved Justin.

@Anonymous #6 - We are not disagreeing with you that Brian loved Justin. When the accident happened Brian was deeply in love with Justin and why won't he rush to rescue Justin, but he also wanted to play the hero with Michael. Ben asked him to "back-off" in a nice way, after the doctor and blood donation situation.

Cina said...

Me thinks there was too much wine and vodka involved while watching. There's no other explanation to the blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

LOL... seriously off base!!
Michael was HAPPILY MARRIED to BEN at the end, there was no indication of a Brian/M relationship evolving(thank gawd). Sure, maybe they'll end up in the same nursing home room when they're 80, but who cares by then??
And I happen to agree, if people love each other so PASSIONATELY they could not refrain from humping each others' brains out, especially when they're teenagers AND especially when they're under the influence of certain substances. No way Jose.
And yes, Brian was constantly using his appeal to tease his best friends, Michael and LINDSAY, he was one big ole tease... he did the same thing to Lindsay as he did to Michael... so I guess you can also say that Lindsay was Brian's one twu luv. Pfft.
One thing for sure, Justin made Brian grow up, become a real person... and Brian couldn't resist Justin, so that blows your theories about B/M right out of the water.

TheTVObserver said...

@ Cina... LMAO . You may be right! LOL. It was fun thou, that this great dramatic series could bring together a team of professionals to argue Brian's True Love. Mind you, we had gay and straight. I think we had someone bi. But we argued so much, it didnt matter. It was fun and the vodka came as a rescue before it got physical. LOL

Annie said...

I don't really have a dog in this fight because I will always maintain that Brian's true love was and will always be Brian, but I love this post because it's guaranteed to drive the B/J crazies off the deep end. Well played. :D

TheTVObserver said...

@Anonymous #7 - You are killing us ..... lol. "they'll end up in the same nursing home room when they're 80, but who cares by then??" That is not a pretty picture. LOL

The argument with Lindsy does not qualify, simply because Brian was GAY (not that he wouldn't sleep with her, especially after he told her that he would, and they almost did. But that is a post on its own) and the storyline is more about B/M.

This is not a theory but an observation based on what the show offered and just because Brian loved Michael, it did not mean Brian was not In love with Justin. Just as Michael found Ben as the man who could love him how we wanted to be loved. Brian also found Justin as the man he could love how he wanted to love someone. It worked, well not really because he left.

Despite how you guys may love to think that we have a "Nurse Betty" moment, we are NOT! Trust us! Far from it.

Colleen said...

Way to push everyone's buttons, lol. Seriously, well played, team. Can't wait to read The Case for BJ tomorrow.

TheTVObserver said...

@Annie. Wow, "Brian's true love was and will always be Brian" Interesting because Michael was the only who loved and understood Brian, but Justin wanted to "change him" which never worked-out in the end. Which he realized and despite your confidence in us, we do not want to drive anyone off the deep end. LOL

Anonymous said...

Annie, "B/J crazies" hmmm??
Well, at least WE got to see a wonderful love story, and all the bells and whistles that accompany watching a profound, romantic love story unfold; as we also did with Ben and Michael. So who is crazy now?

Cina said...

@TheTVObserver: Re Justin wanting to "change" Brian, - isn't the fact that Brian wanted and tried to change for Justin evidence of how much he loved him? That's the way I see it.

TheTVObserver said...

@ Cina. Wow a question. Great. Okay. If you call guilt a good motivator to be with someone or to push you in the "right direction" Yes. But Brian "wanted and tried" to change for Justin because he did not want to loose him without giving his way of life a chance. By that I mean, the fact that Justin always wanted them to be a "real couple", but Brian wanted them to be together because they want to, not because they had to.

He could only go that far because he loved him, yet it showed the truth of the nature of their relationship.

When Brian went down that road, he become someone else. Refused to go out. Did not hook-up with that stripper they got him at his stag night. Justin even pushed him to have a go at it"the stripper", but he refused. Emmet took over. Justin realized that things were changing with his hubby to be.

Justin responds: Brian Kinney never cuddles. After Brian tells Justin if he wouldn't choose that instead of clubbing. Justin response: Everyday we get closer to being married the person I know, gets even further away....."

He continues: "You would never be more interested in gardening than fucking"

Brian: I am just trying to make you happy.

That discussion revealed the truth about their relationship. Doomed is a hush word. But after the accident at Babylon, Brian felt horrible that everyone he loved could have died at "his club". It was just a repeat of the high-school attack, all over again.

Brian: I don't want to live with someone who sacrificed their life to be with me and called it love.

Justin: Neither do I.

Anonymous said...

Actually, "TV Observer", You're taking those Season five moments very much out of context. Brian was doing his usual push people off the cliff thing, as he truly believed Justin needed to go to New York. He was performing his adman routine, the manipulation of people he cares about into doing what he believes is the best for them. We all know Brian does cuddle(that whole scene was silly IMO) and the scene with the stripper was him f**king with Justin's head on purpose. He knew how to pull Justin's strings to get him to see the light, and he did it. So? Brian did all of this after Lindsay showed him the art critic's review of Justin's work and the comment Melanie made about Justin giving up so much for him; Brian became a man on a mission. Brian would never have asked Justin to marry him if he didn't mean it, and I think he was ready and willing to settle down in a way that would make them both happy. But he was probably right that Justin would regret not going to NY, and Brian ended up sacrificing to get him to leave. This was all was about Brian caring, loving and wanting the best for Justin, knowing how to manipulate Justin into getting it accomplished...and sacrificing them being together so Justin could find his destiny. He was putting on an act, simple as that. And now it's up to the viewer to decide what happened after that, something we'll never really know, and that's what the writers intended.
And as far as the bombing being the same as the bashing, hmmm I think that's a bit shortsighted, shallow and simplistic. Sure I think terrible events make people realize what they could lose, but Justin and Brian had a lot of emotional growth since the Prom and the writers illustrated plenty of times that Brian wasn't able to get over Justin. When Justin left him for Ethan, when Justin went to no it's not guilt that motivates Brian, he loves Justin and needs him. Something that he thought he could always resist, being a product of his childhood and a fan of Rand's objectivism.

Annie said...

"So who is crazy now?"

Oh, Anonymous, that would still and forever be you and the batshit defensive B/J fans like you. Thank you for the years of ongoing entertainment. :D

TheTVObserver said...

@ Anonymous. That was cool to read, but we don't agree with all you had to say but to understand your opinion,

"Brian would never have asked Justin to marry him if he didn't mean it, and I think he was ready and willing to settle down in a way that would make them both happy." Agreed, but the thing with their relationship is that, no one could sacrifice. Finding a balance was next to impossible, since in any relationship certain sacrifices are made.

Also Brian cant be a playboy forever and Justin was the best boy for life-commitment.

We do not agree him "manipulating Justin in those last episodes". I think they were trying to find a balance and it didn't work out.

Cina said...

@TheTVObserver: Okay, you've got some points there, only I see it as Brian doing what he always did - pushing Justin to do what was best for him. Because he loved him, he did what he felt was best for him, he loved him so much that he had the strength to let him go, let him make his mistakes, have his successes, to make him become "the best homosexual he could ever be". Even if it meant that Justin wouldn't be with him. I'm not saying I agree with it personally, but that was Brian's way of loving. And that love is as true as any other.

To be honest, in a way I think that Justin was perhaps even Brian's one true love more than Brian was Justin's, because to me it's more likely for Justin to "move on" in NY and meet someone new, we already knew he was capable of it with Ethan, even though he deeply regretted it later. Brian however would never give his heart to anyone else the way he did to Justin. What it all boils down to in the end for me, I guess, is the old cliche "sometimes love just isn't enough", and I think that was the case with Brian and Justin. I don't see it as their relationship ending with season 5 and Justin leaving for NY though. The way I see it they both loved each other deeply, they belonged together, were destined to be, and so they would eventually find a way to make it work.

Michael was there for Brian as a friend. He had Ben and was happy with him. He had long since realized that he would never get Brian to love him the way he wanted. He knew it deep inside all along but kept hoping, but when Justin showed up he eventually had to accept that he had no chance. Brian simply didn't feel that way about Michael. Even Michael's mother says it in season 2, when she gets Brian to wordlessly admit that he loves Justin; "Then tell him. Tell him what you can never say to Michael." And by season 3 and 4 I think it's quite obvious that the only one that *really* matters to Brian is Justin. And don't forget Justin's words in the end: "We don't need rings or vows to prove that we love each other. We already know that."

Isn't it incredible that this still causes such discussions and stirs up so much emotions - years after the show actually ended? That to me is a testament to the magic Brian and Justin (or perhaps rather Gale and Randy) created as a couple. :)

Lastly, I want to say that I feel like this post is kind of "all over the place", but I'm having trouble putting the right words to my thoughts at the moment... I hope I at least make some sense. And if this makes me "batshit defensive" as dear Annie above says, then so be it. I'm happy to entertain you.

Anonymous said...

annie = Dkgl? BBck?
The usual suspect. Obsessed and cwazy, pot calling kettle.

Jammer said...

Wow, I obviously watched a different version of Queer as Folk.

TheTVObserver said...

@Cina. I feel we should have invited you to our Vodka packed observation of QAF. LOL

We loved your comment. I am on the phone sending it to all the slaves of TheTVObserver. They are loving it.

But do you realize that your comment supports, in part, our observation on what Brian did to Michael, which is exactly what he did to Justin. If we are to believe or agree with you about the pushing away analysis.

We don't think Brian pushed Justin away, we hold an opinion that Brian was trying to make it work for what its worth, but Justin was at a sensitive juncture where he needed to live-out his life and take the opportunity! Hence the complicated end.

And yes, the writers of the show should be very proud that years later, hearts can still beat this fast and emotions all over the place. YEAH! LOL. I have weekend side-effects to prove it.

When Debbie said "Tell him....." We think a) Debbie realized that Brian cant keep hoping for him and Michael; b) That Brian must admit his feelings for Justin so that he could also have a life with someone, since Michael had his shot. But again, like we said in one of our posts, QAF is like a painting and everyone sees it differently from the other.

Cina said...

@TheTVObserver: LOL! Well I'm honored! Perhaps I could have knocked some sense into you, if nothing else. ;-)

But do you realize that your comment supports, in part, our observation on what Brian did to Michael, which is exactly what he did to Justin. If we are to believe or agree with you about the pushing away analysis.

Yes, I do realize that and it is a proof that Brian in fact did love Michael. Of course he did, he was his best friend growing up! And like I said, that was Brian's way of loving. He pushed Michael away because he knew it was the only way he could get Michael to move on from him. Because Brian knew that he could never give Michael what he wanted from Brian - a love of the kind he felt for Justin. A love he fought with all his might at first, until he realized there was no use fighting anymore. (When that happened is a topic for another discussion I'd say.) He pushed both men away out of love, but for different reasons. Michael was the beloved friend that he wanted the best for in life, and Justin was the love that he wanted the best for, that he wanted to become the best man he could possibly be.

Now I'm afraid I'm too tired to develop my thoughts any further. Where I am it's way past bedtime already... It's been fun discussing though, and I think we'll just have to agree to disagree. ;-) And thanks for the compliments on my post, I appreciate it very much.

Oh, one more thing. Regarding the "Tell him.." scene - both your alternatives are SO not how I interpret it! But I guess you knew that already. ;-)

Now I really have to go, because I can hardly see what I'm typing anymore... o_O

Anonymous said...

Very evocative post! Kudos to TheTVObserver for having the courage to start off w/this particular pov.

As with any aspect of the creative arts, nothing is black or white, right or wrong. Put 100 people in a room to either watch or read and everyone will take away something different, depending upon what they bring into it.

While you do bring up some valid points, my own feeling is that you're off base on one very important one. Brian never was romantically attracted to Michael...EVER.

Yes, he loved him. The insecure, teenage, inner Brian loved him fiercely as a dear and very close friend, one whose house was a safe haven for Brian when he was growing up. The bonds of friendship can be as strong as those in a romantic relationship, but they are not equal.

The narcissistic, adult Brian loved him for his almost blindless devotion, needing it to satisfy his control issues. They pathologically fed off each other.

As for Michael, he never would have "approved" of anyone Brian loved. He still lived in the past, still wanted to keep the "Brian and Mikey Show" running, even though he married Ben. He is the one who had unrequited, romantic feelings for Brian that bordered on an unhealthy infatuation.

Brian needed and wanted an equal as a "mate" (for lack of a better term) someone who would push and challenge him, emotionally, intellectually, and mentally. That was the reason he and Justin clicked, regardless of their difficulties.

That person never could have and never would have been Michael.

Heidi said...

The thing you are missing about your conclusion is that Brian was never what Michael wanted even when given the chance. Michael wanted a super hero and he got one in Ben, and when Michael settled down with Ben and got married he turned on Brian with such ease that it was hard to believe that there was even a friendship let alone this conclusion you came to. At the end of the show Ted was Brian's real best friend and Ted became the friend that Michael never could be.

Brian loved himself at the end of the show. He found that it was alright to just be him dancing at Babylon finding his rhythm and knowing that letting Justin go be who he was meant to be was the right choice.

Michael however at the end had a long roe to hoe with getting back to the friendship he tossed aside because Brian didn't fit his family friendly world anymore.

I hate both Justin and Michael so I am not some crazy shipper and the producers and writers of the show have gone on record numerous times with just how your conclusion is bunk. I am sure they know a bit more about the show then you do.

Cina said...

GAH! Here I was going to bed, and then "Anonymous" (who posted right after me) posts his/her comment, and I just have to say that you said it SO much better than I managed to do in my long-winded posts! I completely agree with you! I couldn't have said it better myself, obviously.

Heidi said...

I would also like to add that your conclusion makes me a bit angry because you like other fans of the show really only see Brian as some grand prize. You don't think about what he wants or needs you just put a spin on things to make the out come be what you want it to be. Brian Kinney was more then a great prize to some of us and it's a shame you can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Without a doubt, Brian loved Justin. He only loved Michael as a friend. That was so incredibly obvious, I can't believe someone could misread the whole show so completely!

I repeat, Brian was NEVER in love with Michael. This is an indisputable fact! There was NOTHING on the show that pointed in that direction from Brian's point of view. Michael himself was only in love with Brian at the very beginning, after that he moved on to Ben.

I really don't know what show you watched, but it wasn't the one I watched.

TheTVObserver said...

@Anonymous after Cina, that was a cool comment to read.

Thinkers are AWESOME!

"The narcissistic, adult Brian loved him for his almost blindless devotion, needing it to satisfy his control issues. They pathologically fed off each other." AMEN

I am yet to read about a show that can evoke this much emotion and passion long after its life-time.

Anonymous said...

When Brian left the bedroom and closed the door in Michael's daydream (Ep. 212), leaving Michael alone in bed with Ben, that fantasy ended. For everybody involved. I cannot believe I am invoking anything from 513 to prove a point, but Brian made it very clear to Justin that it's only time that keeps them apart. Brian may sadly dance alone in Babylon while Justin lives the life Brian thinks he needs to live, but as Brian said in the pilot, he'll always be there - for Justin.

Anonymous said...

I have to comment on this you replied to another poster:

-When Debbie said "Tell him....." We think a) Debbie realized that Brian cant keep hoping for him and Michael;-

Brian can't keep hoping for him and Michael? what show did you watch? If Brian really ever wanted to be with Michael, all he had to do was say "yes, let's get together" in the 14 and more years of their friendship!!! Michael would have said yes in no time. So what did Brian have to hope for? If he wanted Michael, he could have him. Point is, he never wanted him, not romantically nor sexually. For Brian, they were like brothers.
Everything on the show, and I mean everything, pointed to Justin being the love of Brian's life, the only one able to get under the wire (episode 2.06), the only one Brian was ever willing to change for if needed, the only one he said the famous 3 words too with a romantic meaning, the only one he let live with him. How you can watch the show and arrive to the conclusion he did this because "the best way he could love Michael is by letting him be loved, how Michael wants to be loved", as you guys said, is beyond my understanding. Not to mention that this conclusion you guys made doesn't even have sense in my opinion.
Maybe you should rewatch the show and lay off the drinks LOL

TheTVObserver said...

@galedreamer. Interesting!

@Anon after galedreamer. LOL@"Maybe you should rewatch the show and lay off the drinks LOL"..... okay, we could have never managed that box set without the help of Vodka, Or else we would have killed each other. lol.... maybe some of you guys would have prefered that outcome instead of this observation LOL. ahahahahahah Thanks for your comment. I would need some Vodka, two bottles, to respond. LOL

Bottom line, we all agree Brian loves Justin, Michael loves Ben. As for the Michael and Brian "issue" all the comments from readers. Cheers. It was fun!

TheTVObserver said...

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting comments on this POST. Way too hectic. A special thank you, to everyone who has posted their views and debated this observation, we think it's pretty clear!

We would like to avoid this debate from turning into an ugly exchange. We thank those who debated and allowed us to understand their opinions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our blog. We had fun reading all your comments and we have favorites too. They’ve all been great, and we believe nothing else could be said. All 20+ comments published on this post (excluding responses by TheTVO), said it all. Thank you very much!

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Anonymous said...

I think your theory of Brian ending up like a real super hero - alone. That is very pretty freaking genius!

That said, I do not in any way believe that - just because he was seen as a superhero on the show and Mikey likes comics that that means he and Michael are the true "true loves".

Rage was created by both Justin and Mikey (rewatch the creation episode again without the booze - lol - and it was dual brainstorming while watching Bri on the treadmill)

Furthermore Brian saved Justin way more than he saved Michael and the first comic book was about Rage saving JT (Justin). And then there was an issue about JT unfreezing Rage's frozen heart with a killer blowjob.

Justin was too young and had too little experience to understand how Brian worked. Michael advised him because he loved Brian and believed Brian loved Justin - BECAUSE HE DID.

I really like Michael as a character (unlike a lot of people) and I can't believe that Cowlip and the writers would write him the way you think because that would make him:

a) too stupid to realize Brian thinks he's his "true love"
b) a loser that he would walk away from someone he truly believes he is meant to be with and vice versa.

Michael was caring and gentle but not a moron and not a martyr.

Brian is only truly in love with Justin. There are way too many examples (a lot that have already been given) to list them here.

What Brian and Michael had was a genuine, pure and perfect FRIENDSHIP-based love. You might not recognize it because nowadays, it's rare.

Most people drop friends, husbands, wives, and TV shows with the slightest bump in the road.


Anonymous said...

Dear TVObserver,

The reason why Michael had a very special place in Brian's heart was because he was Brian's "security blanket". He was more than a loved little brother. Have you forgotten ... Brian had a loveless alcoholic mother and violent alcoholic father. Then he met Michael, who seemed to love him almost unconditionally. Michael and Debbie became his family. This lasted for many years. Brian never let anyone else in emotionally because he had his very loyal Michael at his side.

Then the very persistent Justin comes along and slowly wears Brian down emotionally. Not only is he persistent, Justin is also smart - Brian's equal in that area - unlike Michael (who is just average in the IQ stakes). Lastly Brian is always sexually attracted to Justin. He is not sexually attracted to Michael. Yes there is the odd sexy kiss, but this is just one of Brian's controlling strategies.

To say that Michael was Brian's "true love", is like saying that my mother or my sister is my true love. They aren't. I love them, but neither is my "true love".

When Babylon is bombed Brian is initially frantic about Justin, not Michael. When he discovers that Justin is safe, only then does he turn his attention to Michael. That says it all.

And lets not forget Brian punching Michael at the beginning of season 3. If he loved Micahel more than Justin, why on earth did he react to what Michael was saying in that manner?

I think you wrote this piece purely to stir up us B/J lovers. There is no other explanation !


Tina said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Michael being Brian's true love. I've been saying that for years, but there's only a small handful of people who are willing to look away from the softcore porn that the producers made of Justin and Brian to really analyze the situation. Way to go!

TheTVObserver said...

PLEASE NOTE: As you can see we published comments by
- Tina ,
- Chrissie, and
- Izabella

As we said in our last note "comments posted after this note, will not be published! "Well unless you post something so cool and amazing, we need to share with everyone" Wink WInk!"

So we have shared. Thanks guys.

dogsby said...

Observer, you had it right the first time. Your article was spot on. You don't have to have actual sex to be in a sexual relationship or be in love. That is why some consider certain behaviors by their partners to be cheating, even if said partner never had actual sex with another person out side of their relationship. All the sex in the world and marriage would not make Justin, Brian's true love. Brian does what he wants and will benefit him in the end, while being somewhat noble. If he really wanted Justin, he would have made it work. He really wanted Michael, so he made it work with David and Zen Ben. He had an open relationship with Justin, nothing would have changed. He knew Justin loved him more than he did and it would have been wrong to hold on to someone and hold them back, just because your lonely and scared. He loved Justin as much as he could love someone who wasn't Michael and would put up with his crap. He knew Justin deserved better, just like Michael did. He lacked the guts to call things off with Justin and pulled the old passive aggressive move and played a Stepford clone, hoping that Justin would call the wedding and relationship off. Thank goodness Justin had matured enough to pick up on it and call things off. When it comes to Michael, Brian would never be able to put Justin first. It would have been worse to let Justin put his art second, while coming in second place in Brian's life. Great hot sex will eventually wear off, but true love has been know to last for decades or until death do part. "Love in the time of Cholera". How long would you wait for the love of you life? Till we are a couple of old Queens in Palm Springs!

Dana said...

Huh, I don't fully agree but it was interesting to read. I can see your opinion when thinking about the show, but I think Justin definitely moved into first placed later into the series. I always just thought of Michael as his best friend, who he deeply cared about. And because they're both gay there's obviously always going to be "sexual tension" or whatever. But yeah..

Anonymous said...

I believe Brian and Michael are in love. It's the greatest love story never told. They shouldve gotten married instead of the other way around.;(

Anonymous said...

Brian and Mikey are in love each other.;( They shouldve gotten married instead of the other way around.;(

paganyule said...

It's True they are in love with each other;(;D

arc_helle said...

I kinda feel conflicted with this post. True Love. Heh. I don't believe in this "True Love" hype. Not the same reason as Brian though but because this kind of ideology undermines and discriminates different kinds of love. Familial Love, Friendship, Romantic Love? Do you mean that the other kinds of love as oppose to this "True Love" as false? Does this mean for a person who has fallen in love more than once with different people, his/her feelings of love are false? BS.

I love the dynamic duo Brian and Mikey show but even with Mikey unrequited love for Brian I don't think there would ever be together romantically. Imagine it on Brian's side. Here's a gay guy with the alcoholic/abusive father and homophobic mother, the kind who only tolerate each other. Then Brian got out went to college, graduated and proceeded to be a successful gay guy. He doesn't have romantic ideologies since the beginning. He thinks its all BS.
Here's his bestfriend Michael who has always been with him since 14. Who's been in love with him for years. Wonder why he hasn't hooked up with Mikey, ever? It's not because he can't get it up with Mikey. Hello, it Brian we're talking about and Mikey has his charms. Its Because Brian LOVES Mikey. In all those years Mikey is the one constant in his life and the most important person on it. Brian fucks around but he won't ever fuck Mikey because he loves him. Romantic love is BS. In his mind, starting something with Mikey, romantic or just fucking, will fuck with their relationship since he never really believe in romance. He's too afraid of losing Mikey that he won't ever consider falling in love with him. Mikey and Brian could have end up together or be good together but we'll never know because Brian never let himself to think of the possibility of them together like that, too afraid of losing Mikey. And Mikey never really fought for those kind of affections from Brian despite yearning for it for the similar reasons. And so here we are in the status quo where they never be anything else but friends. It's not about the "superhero" crush Mikey has.
Jesus, Justin has too practically throw and force himself towards Brian. I think one of the reasons Brian despite denying and fighting it, fell in love with the blonde twink is because Justin's love is kind of a force that keeps ramming on Brian's defense walls. And no matter how many times Brian pushed him away or Justin is always go back continuing his pursuit. And before you know it he's already dug himself a space on Brian's heart. But the thing is, he grew up and realizes, love isn't everything and despite how much he loves Brian, there are still things he wants to do or pursue. Michael's may easily break the walls more than Justin or he's basically already inside it but he didn't really do anything about it so it didn't really go anywhere else. The seeds are there, it just never grew.

GAIZ. Get your rose tinted glasses off. This is just kinda really funny.

I'm sorry to be late for the debate but I just recently watched all of the seasons in QAF. I just have to share my opinion on this. I am Brian/Justin shipper, but at the beginning I was actually rooting for Brian/Mikey and found Justin cute but kinda annoying.

Diabolus Gratia said...

@TV Observer.. The Problem with people supporting the B/J relationship and calling it "True Love" and all.. Is that they don't know (or don't care to know ) the difference between "Love" and "Lust". Which Brian Kinney had for Michael and Justin Respectively.

Anonymous said...

It's been years since this first got posted, but I have to say that I 100% agree with you! The US version is not my favourite, the UK will always always be my favourite show ever. I may get hate for this but who cares, it's my opinion.

Yes, Brian did love Justin, but it was such a weird relationship and I couldn't see it lasting their whole lives. Justin helped Brian grow up etc, and vice versa.

Brian and Michael loved each other so much, and where IN LOVE. They love other people (because that can happen) but ultimately it was always going to come back down to those two. I could see them as old queens in palm springs.

Queer as Folk US & UK is about Brian, Michael, Stuart and Vince's relationship and how themselves and the people around help them to grow up and find each other in a way.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone with the maturity to see different levels of love. I know Brian loved Justin, in his way. But he could never love anyone as much as Michael, and he could never show that love in a conventional way, he was too damaged. When he told Justin that he wanted to show the man he loved how much he loved him, he did not say Justin. He was proposing so he could be like Michael in the relationship he so disdained, marriage, and get Michael back. Justin was young Brian, but being raised to be stronger and healthier. Like a father to son. The father he never had, the father he feared he'd never be. Someday, Michael and Brian will finally be together in Palm Springs, like Brian envisions.

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