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TheTVObserver: Oprah Crossed The Line

Our last post on TVSA involved giving away vibrators in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction for grown women. Now forgive me if I go off, but what bloody hell was Oprah thinking agreeing to having this Dr. address her audience with what I consider the most dangerous statement on daytime television. We were LIVE on TWITTER blogging about our observations, when we were traumatized by Oprah and sexual health Dr.. Well just so we are on the same page, here is her comment.

“So, yeah, we're enlightened. We're empowered. We're dishing out accurate information on an age-appropriate basis. So the next logical step, says "Oprah" sexpert Dr. Laura Berman, is to buy our teenage girls their first vibrators.”

Uh ... er ... our you crazy?...No really, have you lost the functionality of your senses?

Oprah did explain that she was not going to say it and she would never do it, even if she had kids of her own. Excuse me? You allowed your regular sexual health expert to make the statement on your show. Hello!

I am all for teaching your children all about sex in the attempt to get them fully informed, in order to prevent compromising situations and avoid HIV/AIDS. The entire episode was all about sex and teens, and providing disturbing information about what these teens are doing. If you have a teenager, you need to have a discussion NOW! They our doing some crazy stuff.

The teen girls give teen boys blow jobs like its candy and the boys don’t return the favor, in fact this other boy stood up on Oprah and claimed how easy it is for boys to get blowjobs. THUD!………

Sorry I just fainted!....

The sex therapist named Dr. Berman said that mothers should buy vibrators for their teen girls. The reasoning was that by doing this, it'd empower these young female teens to take the reigns to their sexuality and realize that they don't need a teenage boy to make them feel sexually good.

Yes, the audience was equally shocked and I think some of them wished they had tickets to another taping. I know I would have. Then there was this mother who was so confused about answering questions which her daughter, Jordan -13yrs, was asking. Jordan is cute and very bright. The mother was terrified of answering her questions about sex, although she bought her a book, but when Jordan started asking tough questions based on chapters in the book. She didn’t want to address those questions and asked Jordan not ask her. This mother had a tough time, she could not even say masturbation.

A lot of her fans had a tough time with the show and felt she crossed the line, evidenced through countless blogs and comments. “Talking about the mechanics of sex (the birds and the bees) is one thing, but going so far as recommending vibrators was too much.” Said Alex, who watched the episode.

Experts in general advise that sex ed happen over a series of conversations on the subject, rather than one uncomfortable "talk" somewhere during puberty.

“I think it differs from child to child, but the truth of the matter is most teenage girls are curious about sex -- not just the mechanics of it, they want more than knowledge they truly want to know (what the big deal is).” Said one other viewer.

An audience member and mother to three boys, asked an important question, “If you are going buy a vibrator for teen girls, are you now going to start buying porn for boys?”. Dr. Lauren Berman could not even articulate her self in her response and clearly demonstrated that this was not thought-out. Oprah interrupted her attempt at a response by cracking a joke “vibrators under your chairs, everyone”, and the audience screamed and laughed. She continued by saying “you get a vibrator, and you get a vibrator”, whilst pointing, the audience just laughed. What a save by Oprah from preventing a major sinking of the O-Titanic. But that iceberg came too close and the ship will need some repairs.

The statement was a can of jumbo-sized worms, dying to break out. However way you look at it, this is not a good idea. If kids want vibrators, they should graduate from college, get a job, get their own home and buy their own vibrators. And pray to God you don't see when you visit. Parents should NEVER buy their children vibrators. C’mon.

Dr. Laura Berman sells vibrators, so this could be a stunt to help her line of adult toys. Through-out our live twitter observation, I could not help but think. She is the Devil! Trying to corrupt our kids. If you want to buy your daughter/s vibrators, Dr. Berman do it, DON'T convince us that we should join your f@#$-up ideas. Kids are screwed up as it is without giving them license to be pro's. Whats next? Encouraging pornography as a viable career? C'mon.

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