Thursday, February 11, 2010

TheTVObserver: 2010 Hot Male and Female Stars

We are now working on three new lists for 2010, its the Hottest Female Stars, TV Mothers and Ultimate Hot TV Hunks. We hope to find some of the hottest male and female hunks without repeats and the most interesting TV mothers to list.
It will take us a while to put together a good list inline with our new blogging approach, hence the announcement. We would like to know from you, our cool readers, which male and female TV stars would you like us to consider including in our two hot lists for 2010.
As well as your selections for onscreen mothers that you find cool, awesome or disturbing, for our special list of TV mother.

In 2009 we had one hot man as our ultimate hunk, thou most of our comments favored Gale Harold, Jensen Ackles took the crown as the Ultimate Hot TV Hunk of 2009.

He is the only star we do not have a problem watching reruns of his "Supernatural" moments, and we have even gone to "Dawson's Creek" to just enjoy "Days of Our Lives". Receiving a five 5 star rating, and Coming in at number 1. Our Ultimate Hot TV Hunk is....#1 Jensen Ackles

This year, each list will have its own ultimate #1. We are looking forward to your input. You can inbox us on Facebook, Twitter, leave a comment or downright email us. But for now our slaves are at work reviewing profiles and "the hot factor" for consideration in our lists. Join us on twitter and Facebook for updates.

Thank you for reading TheTVObsever!

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