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TheTVObserver’ StarSpread presents Josh Duhamel.

TheTVObserver’ StarSpread presents Josh Duhamel. This guy is awesome, it’s sad that we are not seeing more of him on TV. Yes, he is fun on the big screen but moving from daily TV on AMC, to almost on TV, is not what we call exciting.
Josh is one of the stars we really love. He is cool and very kind. In this special StarSpread, we look at his career. The hot and sexy married, Mr. Duhamel is an actor and former fashion model. He has been featured on TheTVObserver’s 2009 HotTVHunk List and came third in the Ultimate Top10.
In 1997 he moved to California to pursue modeling and wins Male Model of the Year at a New York modeling convention, beating Ashton Kutcher.
"An agent asked me if I was an actor, and that was the deciding factor for me," Duhamel tells USA Today. "I became obsessed with learning from good actors, like Alec Baldwin, and started taking classes."
While on a photo shoot, Duhamel meets model Kristy Pierce. In 2004, the pair gets engaged, but call it quits months shy of their wedding. "When you're working all the time, it becomes very difficult," he tells Cosmopolitan. "She really taught me about how important it is to be present. I've learned to try to turn off what I do at work and focus on who I'm with."
In 2003 Duhamel is cast in NBC's Las Vegas, a primetime drama about casino surveillance experts. He plays Danny McCoy, protégé of top surveillance master Ed Deline played by James Caan. "Say what you want. The show is fun eye candy," Duhamel tells the Chicago Sun-Times. "People like Vegas. They like girls in tight dresses. That's why the series continues to go on." The show is canceled after five seasons in 2008.
In 2004 DreamWorks studio head Steven Spielberg casts Duhamel as the title character in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton opposite Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace. "When I first auditioned, they wanted the biggest of the big super movie star names to play this part," he tells WWD. "But then they either had to go with a big name, or they had to go with a nobody...And thank God they did that because I got to do it."
In 2007 Duhamel appears on the cover of men's fitness magazine, Best Life, where he discusses his connection to girlfriend Fergie: "She's a real total star. I'm more subdued than that...But that's what makes us work. We have similar fundamental values. We both grew up in similar families. She's just got a great soul."
In 2007 Duhamel plays Capt. Lennox, a special-ops officer who comes across deadly robots, in Transformers opposite Shia LaBeouf. "I watched the show as a kid and loved the dark, evil ones," Duhamel tells the Chicago Sun-Times. After the film takes in $152.6 million in its first week, Duhamel reprises his role for a 2009 sequel.
In 2009 Josh & Fergie get married in a white fantasy wedding, Duhamel and Fergie tie the knot at the Church Estates Vineyards in Malibu. The 33-year-old bride, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown, and the actor, 36, exchange vows in front of guests, including Rebecca Romijn, Mario Lopez, and Las Vegas costars James Caan, Molly Sims and Vanessa Marcil.
TheTVObserver named Josh Duhamel as TV's Hot Hunk in our 2009 HotTVHunk List, which he came in as hot number3..
He is also the co-owner of 10 North Main, a restaurant located in the downtown section of Minot, North Dakota,

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