Monday, January 26, 2009

TheTVObserver: Dating Someone HIV/AIDS+

It’s a question that I have been thinking about lately and since a reader suggested I do a blog about the matter. I was further encouraged by my commitment to Bloggers Unite which provided good reasons for me to put together this entry. I decided to observe as usual and show’s like Scandal offer a very cleaned up form of the reality. On the AIDS side, Angels In Americas was a television event which bravely showed us the downside of HIV/AIDS. Soul City, Isidingo and many other shows address the issue.

The issue: You do not have HIV/AIDS but you are presented with a possibility of dating a person you really like, but that individual is HIV+ or has /AIDS. Do you continue dating them or do you run as fast as you can?

You may think it’s an easy decision to make, but take a moment to think about this situation. You meet someone you really like and everything is going so well, you feel as if you are on top of the world until at date number four when, after obvious heated sexual attraction, he or she tells you that they are HIV/AIDS positive.

Comment #4: I'm just being honest. If the person confirms that he/she is HIV+ I absolutely would not be interested in any romantic or sexual relationship with that person. No exceptions. I don't care how interesting or attractive they are.

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WhiteSockGirl said...

Would I date someone who is HIv+ or has Aids?

I most probably already dated someone who is HIV+ or has Aids.

I have always protected myself by using condoms and go for regularly testing. But I most probably already slept with someone who is HIV+ or has Aids.

Cause I find myself usually attracted to the person, regardless of their label, race, class or whatever. And for me, the disease is just another label which we, society, so easily stick onto people. Especially if we do not know how to deal with a specific person.

The disease, regardless of the illness it causes in the end, does not define the person. And in the end, the person, his soul, his spirit, is who I would date.

If I would say that I could never date that a person that is HIV+, then I am saying that I would not be able to love that person. Does it mean that the person then is not worthy of my love? That my love discriminates?

That is not who I am. Hopefully, that is not who I ever would be.