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TheTVObserver: 44th Country Music Awards On The Red Carpet

It has been a while since TheTVObserver presented Fashion Report. The 44th ANNUAL ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC® AWARDS was broadcast live from the MGM GRAND GARDEN ARENA Sunday, APRIL 5, 2009 ON CBS Television Network.

As with our premiere edition of Fashion Report, we bring you more pictures and our commentary. Carrie Underwood performing onstage looked grand. We selected her picture in that royal dress, which reminds us of Sarah Jessica Parker's amazing grey number on Sex And The City in the final episodes.

TheTVO: Taylor Swift is our choice of the best dressed star on the red carpet. She looks amazing, and her dress is beyond perfect including her make-up. She is so hot, we have three pics of her.

TheTVO: Front and back this dress is a master piece. "Every girl needs to go to a ball" Yes Man movie. On this picture she reminds me of Nicole Kidman

TheTVO: Look at her earrings, bracelet not to mention her flawless makeup. She looks like a doll.

TheTVO: Taylor Swift also won Album of the Year award. Need I say more.

TheTVO: I like the earrings. I do not think she was aiming to win best dressed. But she looks better.

TheTVO: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban arrive. Why do I have a feeling that Keith is behind her dress and everything else. She does have a great body.

TheTVO: Okay it looked great from front but when she turned her back....HOLY MOTHER OF DESIGNERS, Nah!

TheTVO: Miranda looked safe and a bit risky rolled into one. her nails looked good.

TheTVO: I swear, I did not ask them to stand together. This just proves how hot you know who is as compared to you know who?

TheTVO: Miley and Dad "Billy Ray". Are we ever going to see Miley with a ever? She needs to c all one of the JONAS bros. PS: the dad's hair looks great.

TheTVO: All you designers....if you are looking for a quick guide to bad design...Martina is wearing one.

TheTVO: Ah! the stress that is associated with the award season and their red carpet. We end up loosing our minds trying to find the right dress. Lee this was not it.

TheTVO: Oh yes, the event was held in Vegas. LeAnn I don't know what she was trying to go for? But I think I may have an idea.

TheTVO: Kristan and Jennifer looked hot and very complimentary.

TheTVO: Kris looked very nice in this dress. Her shoes looked great as well, but she could have used a more fluttering necklace.

TheTVO: The mermaid just came out of the sea to attend the awards. It also has scales. What would happen if we spilled a jug of water? Kellie looked amazing in this dress.

TheTVO: Julianne was hot. Her makeup was perfect.

TheTVO: Jessica and Jason are a perfect example of safe and confused red carpet moments.

TheTVO: Okay...I was equally shocked when I saw Jennifer in this pic. No further comments.

TheTVO: In this one Jennifer is with Jamie and the camera angel is very good on her.

TheTVO: Hillary looked cool but the dress if not fluttering. It seems to be hiding something. I don't want to know what.

TheTVO: Carrie's arrival dress was not even close to her performance dress.

TheTVO: Camilla and Matthew, are my worst dressed celebs on this carpet. They look like they will leave and go to a McDonalds. But they make a very hot couple. Love Matthew.

More than half a million fans voted in the Entertainer of the Year category, and named Carrie Underwood for the evening's biggest honor. It is also part of the reason she made TheTVObserver’s Fashion Repor cover pick.

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