Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Observer "A Bad Mother or Not?"

I have been observing a scene on 7de laan, which left me confused and conflicted. When it comes to parents, I have the strictest in the world in my opinion! There has never been a friend or colleague who has survived an encounter with my mother, period
The show is doing a great job in how the issue was introduced and presented. I believe those who watch the program and have been in similar situations can identify. The great thing about 7de laan is that the storylines flow swiftly and they end at a high and equally reciprocated by new stories. If you don’t like a certain story, you know that the show does not spend a lot of time on either, but most encouraging is that with all of life’s problems. 7de laan always throws some party, which some people hate but I like it, as it gives the show its unique “brighter future and new day” type spin to sadness and never ending pain and sorrow.
Jocelyn Pieterse played by Keziah Jooste, you are talented. I have never for one second doubted your character. As for Christo Lloyd Davids who plays Errol, I think your ability to solicit empathy from viewers is amazing but it would be great to see you give a range which would not associate your face with shame, sympathy, and all those feelings. CLICK HERE to read more of this article.

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