Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Observer Interview with Lindz

Lindz left me going WOW! As displays of an impressive strength which most will envy in the most trying of circumstances relating to tricky terrains called that is our relationship. But with Lindz she refused to let her situation define her. In this interview I found a person who is practical with their thoughts as well as emotions and spiritually. How long were you together? Together for a year and a half How much did you love him? I could see myself being married to him. How did you decision to get a car come about? I live in the South and he is in the North. We loved going out and using public transport was not convenient sometimes When he offered to pay 50% of it, did you believe he was going to honor it? Yes I did. We had spoken about it and he wanted me to have the car that I really wanted.

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