Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TheTVObserver: iPhone Compatible

We are happy to announce that everyone with a mobile device or the very sexy iPhone can now enjoy reading TheTVObserver on the go. Powered by Mofuse, fans and readers of TheTVObserver can now read the blog on any Apple iPhone or any other mobile devices which supports internet access. On the new iPhone you can watch videos from our YouTube channel, read our blog and much more.

iPhone Preview

Mobile Device Preview

Access to the mobile site:

iPhone® is a registered trademark owned by Apple, Inc. This is not an endorsement of the product or a promotional piece.

Please note that we continue to receive a lot of offers and some we turn down and some we accept. As a result, we have decided to officially announce some of our new developments in an upcoming press release which will detail some of the wonderful partnerships and developments within TheTVObserver.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate your time. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on TheTVObserver.

By TheTVObserver Team
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