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TheTVObserver: Nandipha & Parsons

Observing Nandipha while she discovers that her husband is having an affair was painful and unexpected. I never thought Parsons would be the one character on this show, to cheat on his wife. He has always remained a loyal and committed character. It seems Vusi, Parsons and Zeb, have earned their honors as cheating husbands.

Is this show trying to tell us something about South African men? Like as in, no matter how good your husband, he is going to cheat…it’s just a matter of time.

My solution ladies…invest in Castration methods of your choice. Now I understand why some women go to such extremes.

Nandipha dealt with it and she was the only one willing to work things out. The help and support of her in laws provided safety and comfort, but later she discovered that she can’t remain with them for long.

Agnes needs one of those Hollywood soap style smack, especially after the way she treated Nandipha. All of which was based on assumptions, meanwhile her son was busy shacking up with the mistress. What are these people atInsidingo thinking?….do they understand a plot?

Now we have to endure Nandipha being sucked out of her hard earned cash because the mistress wants to milk her for all she’s got.

Don’t get me started with Len and Barker, how on earth do these writers expect us to believe that a rich and well connected figure like Barker can end up on the street. That he can resort to stupid dark dealings just to dig himself out. This is the guy who could get out of the most tricky of situations. C’mon, even Shabir Shake has it better.
I refuse to believe that there isn’t even a single person who would help Barker without expecting anything. He must have some old score and favours to call up, even if most refuse to be associated with him. The only way his storyline would be great…is if he comes back with the wrath of SATAN! Then Isindingo will be fun to watch.

Len….oh! just hang me now please. I love Len…wait….maybe that is a strong word to use, given his supersonic trip to the bottom of the least engaging characters to watch. PS: Len..Pick ‘N Pay does sell shaving blades and a hair cut won’t be that bad. You are a sex symbol after-all…or maybe NOT!
The sick part of Nandipha & Parsons’ storyline is that Parsons has lost his balls and Thandi is basically taking over. She, Thandi, wanted Nandipha to leave them alone. But she has no program going after Nandipha’s money, using her trusted slave, Parsons. Who is a bitch now?

Am sure there are some couples who find similarities in this storyline. I for one find it to be very sick and twisted. Another reason not to get married!
The scene where Parsons, under the guidance of Thandi, tells Vusi that Nandipha is hiding some of her assets because she may be worth more than what she declared. That was low for even Parsons. If he asked kindly in the interest of being over with the marriage, I would have understood him. But shouting and acting all drama-queen like. Nah! Dude, rethink your actions. Think…c’mon I know you can…just THINK! THINK!

Am sure his passion to get Nandipha to declare all of her R500,000.00, was not influenced by the fact that he is worth less than what he had hoped. R250,000.00 from your wife, sounds about great for a shopping spree with your girlfriend for cheating on your wife and putting her through hell, even in her condition. Its funny because Nandipha has no interested in Parsons’ business, although according to the law, Parson’ business is a liability to Nandipha.

Nadipha needs a lawyer and Vusi must just step aside.

This whole storyline is sick…HE CHEATED…now he wants HER MONEY? Dude you are SICK!

Think…c’mon I know you can…just THINK!

There is another part to this issue, which is REAL LIFE. There are couples going through similar battles and some are very nasty. The sad part is that the law allows for such battles to take place.

MY ADVICE: An Air Prenuptial Agreement!

Nandipha & Parsons are married in community of property and this is what the law has to say about such a marriage. Can you afford it?

Marriage in community of property
  • South Africa's Common Law provides that when parties enter into a marriage without signing an ANC prior to the date of the marriage, such a marriage will automatically be regarded as a marriage in Community of Property.
  • The result of the Marriage in Community of Property is that a joint estate is formed with the parties acting as joint administrators with equal powers and the right to act independently from each other (with a few exceptions).
  • Assets are equally shared and the parties are jointly and severally liable for all debts incurred by either party to the marriage.
  • Each party has right of disposal over the assets of the joint estate. Although such as those relating to fixed property, surety ship and credit agreements requires the consent of the other spouse.
  • Informal consent from both is required for transactions such as the selling of movable goods of the joint household, such as furniture.
  • Consent is not a requirement for transactions relating to trade, business or profession of the spouses.
  • The Act provides for the protection of the spouses should one act to the prejudice of the other.
  • There is financial equality at times, to the detriment of the other party, for example in the case of insolvency.
  • There is no juristic equality (for example consent is theoretically required in order to trade with estate assets).
  • Certain assets may be excluded from the joint estate, but this category is extremely limited (i.e. assets acquired as a result of an inheritance or a donation).
  • It promotes both legal and economic equality of the spouses. During the marriage and on its dissolution both partners are entitled to a half share in the joint estate and each one has equal powers of administration.
  • No additional documents need to be signed.
  • Insolvency of one of the spouses affects the total communal property. Where a risk of insolvency exists, it is not the desired system.

The other two forms of marriage are:
  • Marriage out of community of property and excluding accrual.
  • Marriage out of community of property with the accrual.

Personally, I do not believe in marriage, not unless it’s attached to a 1,000 paged air-tight prenuptial agreement written by and checked by the best lawyers money can secure. That’s my choice and it’s not for everyone. With that signed, I can say those vows with a BRIGHT smile.

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