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TheTVObserver: Brothers & Sisters Movie

We’ve had a lot of two hour premiers and finales for tv shows. Brothers and Sisters had a mid season two hour movie, which was a great treat for any fan.

Titled, Troubled Waters, it was a special two-hour television event where the Walker family experiences the thrill of a new life born and the desperation and terror of loss when one of their own has a life-threatening crisis. Meanwhile, Rebecca turns to her father for help when she discovers some information that could destroy the family business and send one of the Walkers to prison.

The events attracted 11.93 million viewers aged between 18-49 with 4.1/10 share who watched the 2hour television event on ABC. Even without Desperate Housewives as a lead-in to support the show, it performed well beyond expectations.

Honestly if I had to name all the memorable moments of B&S, I would have to write a 10 part series dedicated towards the show. I am not that committed…lol This show is great, and the writing keeps getting better, watching Robert experience a near death scenario with Kevin acting all out of control but supportive, soon after the compliments. It was quite fun.

We have collected 10 sneak peaks to remind us of this memorable two hour movie event from ABC’s Brothers and Sisters titled “Troubled Waters Parts 1 & 2″.

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All the Walker siblings are suspicious about Nora's motives for the sumptuous family dinner. "Don't you think it's possible that your mother wants to have her children here without an agenda?" Saul asks. "No," everyone replies. When Nora tries to make the same argument later, Saul chimes in on the "No!" with everyone else.

Sarah decides this dinner must be about her. "Oh, what a novel conclusion," Kevin snarks. No, really, Sarah says -- Greenatopia is kicking ass to the extent that I paid off the second mortgage on my house! Congrats, folks say, but..."No offense, that's roast chicken at best," Tommy says.

The family is shocked that Nora decides that what Ryan really needs is to meet his half siblings. We're all miserable and unhappy! they say.

Kevin anticipates Robert's needs at work. "When was the last time I told you you were doing a good job?" Robert says. "You've NEVER told me that," Kevin replies. Up until now, Kevin, we really haven't seen you DO a good job, so shut it. After some more praising, Kevin says, "This is getting a little awkward -- you want to hug or something?" "No!" Robert cries.

Nora tells Kitty the most important thing she can learn about motherhood: "Rule number one -- when the baby naps, you nap." Damn straight!

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