Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TheTVObserver: Top40 Hot TV Hunks

We are excited to inform all our readers that tomorrow we are launching TheTVObserver’s Top 40 Hot TV Hunks.

We've worked very hard to observe them and now we will present them to you. In just a few hours, you will see the first edition of this exciting “Hot List”. See you tomorrow.

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WhiteSockGirl said...

LOL,... I do hope those are the top not so hot five????? Cause I am not seeing hot on that video,... And my Simon should number one!!!!

TheTVObserver said... that bottle of wine still full or empty? Because you need a glass. Come down and relax. Whats the fuss all about Ms Underwood or should I say Ms AK? sure you will find hotness in this list, even if its imaginary. LOL

WhiteSockGirl said...

Half full,.. you mean?
Underwood? Carrie Underwood,...? I don't country music,... and Barbie and Kie does not do it for me!

Now, Ms AK,... yeah,.. that is hotness,..

Do you know that she is E's sexiest female musician? I have great taste

TheTVObserver said...

I meant Blair.....not Carrie!

And I see why E! would name her that. She is really hot. Pity I don't do music.

WhiteSockGirl said...

Did you call MY BLAIR a Ms??????

I need a drink,.... and you need five

TheTVObserver said...

LOL five.....I don't think so. Nothing for me thanks. Sorry meant Mr., geez so much passion. I guess someone is a big fan.

Who is Simon, by the way? hmmmm And who would you like to see on the list. The entire list was finalized Sunday. No more additions and the graphics are already processed. So your answer won't affect the out come of the entire list form 1-40. I just want to know who you like.

PS: They have to be MALE, despite your love for AK.

WhiteSockGirl said...

Who is Simon? You seriously have to ask,... breath, Bitch, breath, and slowly tell the man:

Simon,.. Dirty Sexy Money,.. Get it?

Ok,... my list:



Taye Diggs


Taye Diggs,...

What more do you want?

TheTVObserver said...

"What more do you want?"

For you to clam down. Don't take out the frustration of that co-worker on us.

Okay.....have a maybe not. One.. two... many lol.

Just relax, you will scare TheTVObserver readers. Geez.

Do you know how many "Simon's" are on air between leading characters, supporting characters and guest stars...its exhausting. Calm down.

Great choice by the way. I wonder if he made the list. I guess we will have to wait and see.