Sunday, December 28, 2008

WWE's Edge Returns....I am guilty!

From a pure business and marketing perspective, the federation has created a solid brand which practically sells water to the Eskimo. Everyone knows that the show is staged, yet the entertainment is so fantastic that it doesn’t matter to viewers. In fact some fans may literally go crazy if anyone said that out loud on RAW or any of their hit special events. It’s like bottled water. You always find a way to make the purchase valuable even if you can easily go to the nearest dam and come back with buckets of the stuff. However, one values the WWE even more, when you have the unfortunate experience of watching other wrestling shows. You will then realize how good WWE is at their game.

Yes, I am guilty. WWE’s Rated R Superstar “Edge” is my guilty pleasure. Maybe it’s the fact that I like rebels, with them you always know where you stand. I find Adam Copeland, to be amazingly good at acting out his part. Some hate him, whilst others like his Edge persona. You truly need to appreciate the storyline of Edge, because he can deliver great entertainment by going from a likable star to a fantastic narcissistic bad boy. I am sure Adam sometimes wishes he could be as twisted as Edge in his real life. Who knows maybe he is.

He recently got back to WWE and when I saw him make his surprise entry. I found myself smiling to no end. The beard was a bit of a shocker, but I liked his new theme song. It was perfect for the R Star. Do they call them intro’s?......whatever, I like the song. I just can’t find out any information on the artist yet. The search is on! Here is a video of the rated R superstar, enjoy!

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